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Monday, 11 February 2013

I'm Drawing..


Yup. macam tajuk kat atas tu.. saye ni melukis... saye ni nak kate kreatif and pandai melukis tu mmg tak la .. but whenever i find a pencil and a piece of paper.. I will draw anything that come up in my mind..

my latest drawing is entitled Nurin.. it is inspired by my friend face named Nurin jazlina.. she has a real nice eyebrow and wonderful eyes..

I dun really know how to put colour on my paintings.. But i tried my best... dah berkali kali saye lukis  muka pompuan.. ntah la kenape... sumenye pakai Turban.. hahaha actually at the first time syae melukis.. saye dapat inspirasi by Yunamusic.com look... yup.. she has a great appearance right.. that makes a lot of Girls in the world try to imitate her look.. Yuna is a wonderful trend setter...'

this is my painting without colour.. yes bad type of apper right.. like I said before.. saye main bedal je.. tak kire la kertas tu petak2 ke garis lurus ke.. segi tiga ke.. evevn kertas graph.. ahhaha I dun sketch something on it..

ni plak lukisan yang siap diwarnakan... saye cuba sedaya upaya.. saye ni mmg tak pandai mewarna.. asyik comot je.. huhu this is the result

huhu i dun really have artistic skill or what but i just draw anything that i feels nice... Hope I will have a better skill and performing better result...

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