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Cuti Mid Sem 2

Alhamdulillah.. pejam celik pejam celik... da cuti sem.. ase nye baru sebulan saye pegi  belajar ke uitm tu kan?? hehhehe....
tu lah... best nye kan.. dulu mid sem time part 1 sekali ngan raye.. so ase short gile.. huhu yang ni best.. 2 minggu.. 
best sangat dapat balik umah.. dapat melelapkkan mata ngan sepuasnya (kantoi)... seb baek boleh celik.. cu buat nye tak celik2.. kang naye tuh...
hurm.. balik kali ni bawak satu file notes.. huhu bertekad da sem 2 nak buat seelok eloknya.. biarlah saye bertawakkal selepas gigih berusaha .. tak gitu?? ( hampehnye still tak jamah notes tu)
huhuhu... 24 hari bulan ni Moot Inter-Asasi Competition... huhu kes da dapat.. da brainstorm sikit.. and still need to dig more and more.. 
hehehhe i just hope that its gonna be alright... InshaAllah... lam cuti ni pon.. saye ade banyak bende nak buat.. such as melepakkan diri ngan kawan2.. adik2(adikangkatade2orang)... family tersyaang.. kekucingan.. dan rerumputan.. hihihi
tapi... cuti kali …

Persuasive Speech and D'Saya Awak Bridal

...............and very good morning to my beloved lecturer here, Madam Marina binti Ismail and my fellow friend of D class.
The only intention why I’m standing right here on this lovely Monday morning is just to present a speech on topic of Movie Production. Back in previous the semester when all of these started. Ulya, Aisyah Ahmad and me went for hang out at Setia City Mall just because Law class has been cancelled on a nice morning. We decided to watch a movie after enjoying a heavenly dish at Full House restaurant. We watched a movie entitled Percy Jackson and The Sea Monster which is the sequel for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bolt. 
Have you watched this movie? 
You surely know how amazing this movie isn’t it? After we finished watching this adventurous movie, a HUGE question mark appears in my mind. WHY can’t I find something like this in Malaysia??? This is why I’m standing here to present a persuasive speech where the Specific Purposes is to suggest that…

Found An Interesting App


All Praises to The Almighty God. Allah SWT..

We still got the chances to breathe rite..

Early in the morning I decided not to spent my Saturday morning as usual I do which is SLEEPING till 8 a.m. (don't do this at home! do it at office)...^_^

Hurm I spent my time downloading new apps for my Lovely Phone.. luckily i still got a lot of space..

The apps that I found really Interesting is VideoFX.. it can be found at Google Play or Play Store

actually I'm looking for movie editor coz i need to work on something like that for my assignment which is Persuasive Speech Presentation.

Then I key in some words like Video Editor at the Google play.. and on top of the list is MAGISTO which I already have it in my Phone..

so i look on something else.. download couples of shit actually before I realize a diamond that being covered by a junk of shit.. huhu (don't write like me Imma bad boy)

this app actually encouraging people to do a simple music video .. we can record …

Point Presentation


Alhamdulillah.. Its feeling great.. just now i just present my point in front of my whole class..

My topic is Math and Science Should Be Taught in English..

hurm.. what do you think about it???

do you love learning Math and Science in English or vice versa??

actually I already do this topic for the previous semester under the Argumentative essay.. and now.. I still doing it for this new semester..

this time i just need to write a 900 words essay... Hope it will be great... InshaAllah...

actually i really think Math n Sciences should be taught in English because as we all knows.. Malay Term for science is really different and this can cause great confusion among the students and when they get their feet on Universities.. they will have a seriuos LANGUAGE shock... am i right?? trhis is not my opinion but this is based on my study...

and if Malaysian wants to have a generation which fluent in English.. they should considering to implement PPSMI again...

i think its a wast…

Dari Mana Datang DUIT Itu


Alhamdulillah Segala Puji Bagi Allah.. Tuhan Sekalian Alam..

Hurm actually camni cite die.. saye lam Bank duit ade sikit je.. then  bile check tengok ade banyak.. (saye tahu lah camne keadaan kewangan saye) hurm saye agaklah berbelanja jugak.. yang peliknye tu la.. Dari mana datang Duit tu...

sebelum ni ade RM 300 je lam bank.. check tu ade RM 678.. perfect number of MIRACLE... coz same jumlah ngan Yuran...

so tadi after pegi makan ABC kat Food Court PKNS seksyen 2.. hurm best sangat ABC chocolate die.. tpi ntahlah.. selalu tak sempat nak amek gambar.. terus baham ... hurm terase nikmatnye... walaupun hari ni hujan lebat giler.. sampai menggigil gigil kaki tunggu bas tdi.. but still order makanan berais.. huhuhu

hurm balik dari seksyen 2.. saye ngan kengkawan naik bas FREE uitm.. but bace plak kat Laluan bas tu.. die tak Stop kat PERINDU.. so kiteorang decide nak berenti kat MAWAR la..

situ ade Bank Islam.. so nak bayar YURAN bagai...

first saye pegi kat Mesin Deposit.…



Hurm I still don't know whether I'm doing a good decision or not but I'm sincerely asking guidance from The Almighty God Allah The One and Only ....

I hope I will have some good time when I join mooting competition. I really need to sharpen my skill because you know how bad i wanted to be a lawyer .

I just hope that with this opportunity I will catch my dream. Yes to be a lawyer and next is to be a person who will change the law which already had in Malaysia.

I just want that my nation which is Malaysia become a complete Islamic Country which also applying Islamic Religious Law. InshaAllah..

I wants to make some changing in Article 4 in Federal Constitution and left alone the Article 3

Article 3 - The official religion of the State is Islam.

Article 4 - The highest law of the State is Federal Constitution - which I want to change to be - The Higjest Law of the State is Al-Quran.. what do you think about these?

Firstly we need to win our people's hear…

Semalam.. Seharian di CONCORDE Hotel.


Yup.. dua hari lepas.. when I walk in Cafe kat Fakulti.. Then a senior called me and ask.. "do You wanna be an adhoc for Dinner LLB Student??? "

at first I was like.. urmmm maybe not.. but that sister really insist me.. and i finnaly said "I'm in"... huhu mudahnye kan?? huhu