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Thursday, 27 March 2014

LAW 3 end.. Alhamdulillah


All praises to Allah.. finally ditunggu tunggu dengan gerun dan kerutan di dahi serta debaran di dada.. Law 3 settle sudah petang tadi..

Hurm actually semalam study dahsyat gile.. dah rase cam nak mereng skit (baru Asasi lau Degree Acano?) huhu rase tepu otak.. macam Milo yang dah dituang air panas.. (takde Illustration lagi bagus ke)

I feel really small yesterday when i ask my friend about anything, they answer it like exactly written from the book. A thing comes up in my mind. How did they do it? Is it possible to happen?

thats the thing but another thing keep bothering me. A girl who ask for extra answer sheet. OMG what are you writing? Are you even human (rase nak hantuk hantuk je kepale kat meja) (but still control macho)

so tadi senang cita boleh jawab lah.. rase gak la lenguh2 dan rase nak terseliuh pergelangan tangan tu.. hehe

Tulisan plak takyah crita la.. memang buruk macam anak ayam baru pandai berjalan.. hahaha... pernah nampak?

actually saya ni seorang makhluk yang tak pernah ade tulisan chantekk.. sebab tu kechik dulu niat (ber-mens rea-kan) nak jadi seorang doktor. kih kihkih.. sebab tulisan buruk nak jadi doktor.. memang mudah hidup ni.. hikhik

basically every single child wanting a professional job as their ambition. hehehe...

dengan segala yang dah ku curahkan tadi harapnya boleh lah A untuk Law III ... Aminnnnnn InsyaAllah..

tadi lepas abes Law Three terus pergi hirup udara segar kat Tasik Shah Alam.. one more thing i want to thank You dear Allah The Almighty God.. because pouring rain almost everyday with a needed amount ...

it clear the skies and brighten the day.. nurturing the life of every creatures..


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Alhamdulillah da Sampai Kelantan

Assalamualikum.. yup...

saye balik study week ni.. and when i say a week.. its totally gonne be a week.. ehhehe bukan ape.. i just miss my mom so much..

u know how much i love her... like all the stars on the skies.. hehhe

Alhamdulillah sampai je kelantan hari tu.. Allah curahkan rahmat hujan hampir kepada satu Malaysia hari tersebut.. 23 Hariibulan..

so grateful for the rain because we have been suffering from critical stage haze on that moment..

and u know something??? saye turun bas terlupa nak ambik luggage kat bawah.. hehhee

that was really bad for me.. then bile sedar je tak ambik bag tadi.. terus suruh abg saya kejar bas Sani yang nak balik ke Depoh.. hurm.. memang cuak gile ahh...

unfortunately.. keta plak takde minyak.. so pegi lah isi dulu..then we lost the bus track.. pusing2 satu pengkalan chepa nak cari depoh bas tu.. tapi sadly tak jumpe jgak..

last last redha la.. balik umah.... janji ngan abg saye "dont tell mom about this" but im the one yang bocorkan rahsia.. hehehe

luckily if contacted Sani punye nombor ADuan.. and they cooperate goodly with me and later on the evening.. my bag was discovered... Alhamdulillah... i couldnt imagine if i totally lost the bag that i kept all my note to be read during this study week.. hehhe

bu here me now.. only cover Law Criminal, Tort & Contract and Law 2 (still dun knoe the name for the subject)... hari esok dah Khamis means i only have 3 days to revise others subject.. Ya ALlah permudahkanlah hambaMu menjalani Final Exam...


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Money Money Money


actually that is not what im going to talk for this entry but i dont really know why i just wrote the cliche word as the title for this entry..

Alhamdulillah my life seems to be better in form of doing assignment and etc.. hikhik Thanks God..

so now i can really focus my mind to boost my brain during the Study Week which will be taking place at my home seet home Kelantan.. hehee (cant wait for that)

during the last day of my second sem Asasi Foundation, lots of program set up by UiTM such as just know.. having a talk show with former prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir.. he's real good in talking.. Thumbs up to you tun..

I just cant digest with this wrinkly brain.. why there is human that just not understand order... if a people said that "I'LL take one other question" then u should know your position... please.. if thing like this keep happen, you'll shaming yourself.. have some dignity..

hahaha sekali lagi off topic.. clearly.. entry ni takde point yang clear pon sebenarnye..

hurm kenae tajuk die Duit?>??? sebab i feel like im run ouut of money.. hahahah but its okay.. i'll be at home for like 7 days.. at thats mean i could save up RM 70... hehehe

just now at the noon i just had my great lunch alone at KFC.. hehehehe....

then tunggu bas lame cam nokharommmm lame gak a tunggu  seb baik ade bas...

hurm... hope i canmanage my credit well after this... (just bought PIN PENERAPAN and also paying my SUAVE blazer RM 100 to my friend Eric... ) hehehhe

no more debt.. im okay....

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Final Exam is Approaching


Alhamdulillah.. i made it here.. i made it now.. hurm second sem of ASASI in Law..

nothing could be better... actually the final exam is totally around the corner.. and im just totally insane to book a ticket going back home during the study week... hey nothing can stop me.. hehehe

hoping that my precious moment at my dearest home seeing my mommy's face will make me learn faster and better... hehheeh hope her blessing will be with me when i step in to the Examination Hall on 24th March..

im started going back home on 14th March and will have a real nice time (hopefully i dont sleep all day) for aweek and heading back here at Shah Alam on my very own 19th Birthday which is on 22nd March.. I hope my journety will be safe..

Ya Allah.. i just hope that all thing that i've learn wil be carved on my head and it will help me in my examination..

I just want to proceed will Law.. i dont know what to do other than Law... thats why im really hoping that my second MUET i will finally get a BAND 4 ... Aminnnnn

thats all for now... Missing My Mommy.. BYE BYE

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