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I Miss My Little Diary

its been ages since i write something here. I'm now in Semester 7 of Degree of Law and the amount of works and assessment is beyond what you can imagine.
Luckily I have a wonderful office mates who are really responsible and having a great team works. We could finished tonnes of works by dividing all the job. It's actually what we are going to do when we are in working arena. 
These amazing people absolutely magnificent. The work hard and they also play hard. We had so much fun together. Because of that my birthday celebration on previous March were held three times on three separate occasion.
I just love the family-vibe that they shower me with. The was a time I need to go back to Kelantan for two days to do the JPJ Test for my car license. It was only for two days but only God knows how i missed being surrounded by them.

It was a great semester. But sadly something happened to me. On the 6th Syawal, at 1 am in the middle of early morning I was involved in mot…