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Saje je nak Post Gambar


amboih lamenye tak menulis kat diari lam maya ni.. hehe
okay tadi petang tadi.. yup baru je beberapa jam tadi selesai sudah second task for ELC092 (communication skill) baru je done presenting forum..

tajuk die plak takleh cliche lagi.. Cybercrime in Malaysia.. hahhaa senang snagat.. hehee Kita orang buat ala ala Tv Show.. so saye as moderator mesti lah nak taruk rancangan tu name saye.. tak gitu??/ so AMIN TO YOU SHOW lah name diberi..

hurm.. lets talk about something else like.. dinner or maybe final.. arghhhh no no no.. dont talk about final and more.. dont mention anything about further studies..

hehhehe.. its really hard people.. being trapped in  a huge institution like this.. (u dun understand so just pretend to be understood)

hurm Dinner Asasi is already finished weeks ago.. hehehhe

its real fun u know.. havinf great people and wearing all those fancy outfit to follow the theme of the Event which is PORTRAIT OF ELEGANCE...

ape kate kalau kita taruk gamba…

Moving to next Phase


Yup Alhamdulillah.. syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana dengan limpah kurniaNya lah dapat saye menaip perkataan2 kat sini tanpa ade sebarang gangguan seperti assignment ELC , ECO, LAW dan sebagainya..

actually ade assignment.. but. the matter have been settled.. in this phase.. we are focusing on second academic writing... early in the morning today.. I presented my points for the topic that I've chose..

actually the Original Thesis Statement is Malaysia Should Continue The Affirmative Action Policy towrds Malays and Bumiputeras.

But... suddenly just know I changed it to The Affirmative action should be continued in Malaysia... which sounds totally different .. However.. i still manage to catch the point... just a lil bit alteration.. I make more open.. i also provide the affirmative action towards other races in Malaysia...

Basically My lecturer seems to be satisfied with the points presentation..



New Assignment Invasion


yup Academic Writing Pairwork Assignment is done and already submitted to my dearest Lecturer Madam Bhajan Kaur and guest what.. the date line is two days ago and that time i was very sure that i've submitted to my Class Rep and i was a huge relief.

and last night, I was checking my bag and suddenly the Academic Writing is in my bag ... WHATTTTT,... i was really panicked that time and terus amek phone and call my Madam... Luckily she is very kind and she give me another chance. hehehe Thank God...

so tadi pagi terus submit kat Madam and she also ask for my new topic and I suddenly says that i wanna do about Cyber Crime but Madam tells that no other side of the argument .. she mean that no one will support a cyber crime .. so I just come up with Affirmative action... and hurm... she's totally okay with it...

so here we go.. another topic another work another assignment....

Hope will do it great