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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Moving to next Phase


Yup Alhamdulillah.. syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana dengan limpah kurniaNya lah dapat saye menaip perkataan2 kat sini tanpa ade sebarang gangguan seperti assignment ELC , ECO, LAW dan sebagainya..

actually ade assignment.. but. the matter have been settled.. in this phase.. we are focusing on second academic writing... early in the morning today.. I presented my points for the topic that I've chose..

actually the Original Thesis Statement is Malaysia Should Continue The Affirmative Action Policy towrds Malays and Bumiputeras.

But... suddenly just know I changed it to The Affirmative action should be continued in Malaysia... which sounds totally different .. However.. i still manage to catch the point... just a lil bit alteration.. I make more open.. i also provide the affirmative action towards other races in Malaysia...

Basically My lecturer seems to be satisfied with the points presentation..



oraittt enufff of the LEARNING THING... now we move on to something fun and great... (hope so)
actually we have a Asasi dinner.. it is today.. i mean few hours more... the Theme for the event is POTRAITS of ELEGANCE...

at the first time hearing the theme.. everybody was wondering... what is elegance.... I came out with my owh ideology... ELEGANCE mean the hybrid of Professional and Stylish... hehehehhe (sesuke hati mak die je reka)

so I've decided to wear a Grey Blazer, Black slack, white shirt and also Bow tie.... hurm actually i've tried all the outfit yesterday and I find its really nice...

something came across... I still in sunburn.. i look really dull because the Whistle On program just ended last Sunday.. so the burn still intact to my skin... hehehhee... Hope i will look radiant during the Dinner... ahhahaha (tak leh blah)

k la... nanti saye Upload Gambaq la na Dinner tu macam mana...

ciao ciao

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