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Wednesday, 18 July 2012



hhe.. selamat menyambut Bulan yang mulia Bulan Ramadhan...

forgive me if i have done lot of mistake...


okay... done with the chemistry presentation on topic FOOD ADDITIVE ...

huhu seb baek boleh present ngan awesome nye..

teacher pon cakap presentation ni lengkap n bagus....

the diagram in perfect and lot more...

now I'm moving slowly with this blog because the SPM is around the corner...

Sunday, 8 July 2012


i think my decision to participate in the KLIK KLIK PHOTOHUNT was waste of time...

ingatkan die suruh tangkap gambar macam mane upenye suh cari objek...

susah gile kot...

yang sedih nye tertinggal KEM MOD MATH ... huhu.. hope can recover those things later...

Thursday, 5 July 2012


"hey you.. you are so active.. every single competition you entered" ... (said to myself)..

yeah right I'm so competeholic .. (haha just create a new word)..

esok ade pertandingan photography plus explorace gitu.. kat Bachok Kelantan.. (one of the beautiful place in Kelantan)..

i enters with Lisa Johansson Gator and also Ahmark R'dy..

i dont have any idea howit will goes but.. i was informed to bring along 'kain pelikat'...

how it goes well.. i enters just for fun.. but if i could win.. that would be awesome.. hehe...



whose here doesn't know about Spell It Right Challenge?? it organized by RHB BANK..

it was held at KB MALL for Kelantan State... 7 representative were sent by our school..

including this time.. its was my second time i entered this competition.. last year was bad.. but this year.. some miracle happen to me..

after the registration i was informed to wear my number tag... it was 071.. last year i got 096..

waiting for my turn.. few of my friends have their turn first and they could spell correctly at the first round.. it was so nervous.. none of them could make it to the final..

its time for my turn.. so the presenter called the contestant name..


then i walked with high self esteem and sit at my place on the stage.

the first round i got the word ENIGMA.. other got the difficult word while i got the easy one..

so i spelled it correctly.. second round.. only three contestant could make it including me..

my second word is REVITALIZE.. i spell it using American style but it also accepted..

third round only a guy and me could make it.. i prayed hard and the presenter called my name.. i stand in front of audience, wear a headphone and test the mic..

AMIN your word is OSTEOARTHRITIS .. please spell the word OSTEOARTHRITIS.. so it was a hard word for others but me.. i was in Science  stream.. so it was a piece of cake..

for those words i won the batch.. its mean i could make it to the final..

at the final stage.. 3 words are given.. and know what.. among the 3 words i can spell none of it..

so i won the consolation prize only.. it was cash prize valued RM 200...

actually i dont expect that i can be on the stage more than one time.. but its all the gift from God..
tengah nerbess sesangat ni.. huhuhu

ni time form 4 punye.. huhu tragis time tu.. (tak leh senyum because of too nervous)

rindu sangat rase berdebar when i enter any competition

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