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Ramadhan is Aprroaching


Alhamdulillah for this great opportunity to be living in this world on this moment where Ramadhan will be approaching in couple of weeks more...

Ramadhan is the Holy month where all of our deeds will be multiplied .. and the most important thing to be done is Fasting..

Fasting is a compulsory thing for Muslim in Holy Ramadhan..

"It is prescribed for you to fast as prescribed to those before you for you become pious"

So in Malaysia in Ramadhan there will feast called Bazaar Ramadhan where people all over the place will gather in a market and sells thousands type of food for Muslim to eat during Iftar..

Be careful not to become greedy when you are buying foods from Bazaar Ramadhan because it is norm for us to buy a lot of food when we are fasting and lastly we could not finish it because of too full..

At night people will have a Taraweh prayer where we could see the Mosque will be full on the first ten days of Ramadhan and then fade and decrease...

I just hop…

Cousin's Wedding

Assalamualaikum..saye ni kacukan Perak and Kelantan.. my father is Perakian while my Mother is Kelantanese.. so I am a Pelantan or Kelarak?? huh?? why its sounds so bad?? nahh no such thing la.. there is only thing im sure about - I am  Malaysian.. huhu bukan Pendatang Tanpa Izin.. heheAyah saye yang dipanggil abah ada ramai adik beradik and not all of them saye kenal.. ye lah panggilan diorang Sulong, Andak, Anjang, Angah, Uda,  Puteh, Itam, Pink, Oren.. eh cam tipu je.. huhu memang ramai lah.. n tak kuasa nak dihafalnye.. huhu.. so lately Family saye dari Perak datang berkunjung ke Kelantan..Keluarga Pak Andak anak lelakinya yang bernama Zakaria or called as Manja by his parent nak kahwin ngan orang Kelantan... huhu so they stay at our house lah for the time being..barulah boleh kenal2 ngan bermsera ngan sesanak saudra nih.. diorang datang about three  days only because they need to prepare for reception on the man's side..So tengah hari tu diorang smapai.. n salam2 sume.. ade y…