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There's Always Room for Improvements


Dah lame tak tulis something kat sini kan.. so here is something really beneficial for us who born as a human. Because of what? Because of human do mistakes and yeahh we should realize our mistake and try not to do it again, get back to Allah and live as a better person..
It is undeniably true that we face a lot of tests in our life because Allah simply wanna see whether we can survive or fall into the test given.. If we failed dont worry the result will be shown at the Hereafter which leave a room for us to improve ourselves.
The best human being is the one who commits a mistake and then ask forgiveness from Allah. But we should remember that knowing Allah as The Most Forgiving doesn't give us green light to do any bad or evil doing. Allah knows His creations and even thing sparks in your tiny little heart. You can't hide from Him and you should think thousands times before doing any bad.
Allah has prescribed us with the Holy Quran which functioning as guidanc…