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I Need To Study Smart


alhamdulillah.. dah berape bulan dah menjadi seorang mahasiswa under Fakulti Undang2.. Praise the Lord for all this..

hurm ceritenye.. meet a lot of seniors and they all said that do not take Part 1 degree easily because lots of people failed during the time ..

huhuhu.. Alhamdulillah i met a real great friend named Iskandar.. Previously I used to be his rival during Debat Ala Parlimen back in 2012..

Erm Talking about Debat.. yes around next two week.. Me and Iskandar with two other friends will be self-appointed as Minister.. hahah masuk Debat lagi... saje je.. boring sangat nothing to do .. chewahhh

despite great learning session will coolest lecturers in town.. Alhamdulillah.. Boleh la paham dengan semampunya.. paham in Lecture hall then balik tu supposed study sendiri la kan.. but nope.. aint that happen..

saya ni cukuplah malaih orangnya.. tidor pon kuat.. kalahkan badang..

huhuhu.. still trying to lessen my sleeping time coz i realize that im not here to sleep..

My Name Is ISLAM

Let me, introduce myself. My name, is Islam. The root word of peace- salam, Or even salema- meaning submission. Which to a Muslim, is like his tuition. It’s his ticket in, But before I begin, Let me greet you, like I’m supposed to do, So Assalamu alaikum, may peace be upon you! You know? It’s kinda’ funny… I’m accused of oppressing, when really I’m oppressed. I’ve become on the list of things to detest. I’m screamed in rage, in almost every protest, & I’ve become the “red scare”, a “threat to the west”. You see? If you look at me, and all my obligations, You’ll see why I have such a great population, It’s cause there’s the motivation, And that sense of inspiration, That keeps “Muslim” as their occupation. To me, being a good Muslim means being a good person. ‘cause I’ll never ask you to kill or to slay, Or to lie at least 5 times a day. I’ll never ask you steal, or to hate, Or to swear or discriminate. I actually tell you to smile to everyone you see, Cause a smile’s the best for…

Hi blog


kan.. dah lame tak tulis something here rite>???

yup.. what can i say.. i dun have mood..

sorry le bebanyak.. memang takde mood.. huhhuhu

so Alhamdulillah dapat masuk Universiti Teknologi MARA kampus Shah Alam.. the place that i love and will continue loving it..

Alhamdulillah.. all praises to Allah,.. the One who make all this possible..

serius rasa bahagia sangat bile dapat keputusan sambung belajar kat UiTM Shah Alam.. i love the course i love the University and i totally love the place..

nothing much happened to me bt series of unexpected thing popping up.. time MDS tetibe buat persembahan opening .. jadi Anuar Zain plak tu.. hahhaa

being in law faculty is really awesome experience.. lately i went to SMFUU interview.. i feel like joining something to improve my soft skills.. im surely going to join Moot Club..

I just love MOOTING.. it was tiring yet so much fun.. yup.. n I HEART IT..

last week.. otw nak pegi lunch kat Cafe Perindu.. i saw this very beautiful h…