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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hi blog


kan.. dah lame tak tulis something here rite>???

yup.. what can i say.. i dun have mood..

sorry le bebanyak.. memang takde mood.. huhhuhu

so Alhamdulillah dapat masuk Universiti Teknologi MARA kampus Shah Alam.. the place that i love and will continue loving it..

Alhamdulillah.. all praises to Allah,.. the One who make all this possible..

serius rasa bahagia sangat bile dapat keputusan sambung belajar kat UiTM Shah Alam.. i love the course i love the University and i totally love the place..

nothing much happened to me bt series of unexpected thing popping up.. time MDS tetibe buat persembahan opening .. jadi Anuar Zain plak tu.. hahhaa

being in law faculty is really awesome experience.. lately i went to SMFUU interview.. i feel like joining something to improve my soft skills.. im surely going to join Moot Club..

I just love MOOTING.. it was tiring yet so much fun.. yup.. n I HEART IT..

last week.. otw nak pegi lunch kat Cafe Perindu.. i saw this very beautiful huge tree with yellow flowers being cut down... it was sad.. terus rau  laman social..

after finish Lunch with Muqriz.. i ask him to snap my pics lying on that cut down tree.. huhuhu..

it was fun watching pakcik2 indon terkejut tengok saya tetibe baring kat situ.. hahaha


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