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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Heading Straight without Falling


Life is a journey.. A journey to a specific Destination.. The Question is where?

I think that every single person in this world knew the answer..

So how do we gonna achieve the goal of our life?

Its clear.. The Holy books (Quran, Taurat, Injil, Zabur) given to Us as a servant of The Creator to be followed..

For Muslim now.. Quran is given to Prophet Mohamed Peace Be Upon Him. so it is the latest set of rules and regulation Created By Allah.

Before Mohamed was born and become The Last Prophet, Jesus son of Mary is appointed as Prophet..
Injil is given.. but the teaching of Injil is not yet complete.. and Jesus do said that There will be a man who will teach the complete teaching.. do follow him.. (Mohamed)..

As well as Taurat and Zabur..

The problem is.. when these Prophets Is dead and being taken to the Sky (Jesus).. peoples change the Book according to their needs and not.. So there is no more called sacred to the book.. its being touch by hands of Humans...

except Al Quran.. Allah (GOD) promises that no one could ever change This Last Sacred BOOK..

The teaching of Al Quran must be followed optimally by the followers..

By following all the rules, an individual will be on right the right path..

Then by this .. we can arrived at the Destination which everybody wanna be.. I called as Hometown..
Where Adam and Eve used to live.. PARADISE.. # Aminn.. InsyaAllah..

*If we commit sins.. ask forgiveness from Allah.. He will surely Forgive our sins.. and try hardly to avoid doing it again..

*till then Wa billahi Taufiq.. Wal Hidayah.. Assalamualaikum...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jerry Owh Jerry...


Musim Jerebu melanda tanah air dengan dahsyatt sekali.. pahamm tak kenape Entri saye kali ni tajuk die "Jerry Owh Jerry"???

Jerry tu saye bagi name manja kat Jerebu.. sebab saye ni a little bit jakunlah... asal from Kelantan...
Negeri yang tak pernah dilanda Jerebu.. hehe so Jerebu is not so familiar to me..

kenal ngan jerebu pon melalui paper and TV3 suku yang dikasihi je..

so punca jerebu ialah pembakaran ladang nenas ke?? tak tahu... hehhe so die bakar sebab nak buat baje free.. die tanak hangkut najis lembu buat baju.. just bako je la.. then effectnye.. Negara Malaysia yang dicintai ni jugaklah menerima dengan penuh redhanya kann???

kawan saye yang asal dari Johor (abang alep) yang baru sahaja balik ke UiTM darah dan air mata ni cite yang tempat die.. Labis (nama tempat sebanar) dilanda Jerry ngan teruk shekali.. huhu

saye pon duk di UiTM shah alam ni ponn kene gak.. bangun je pagi.. ingatkan nak feeling2 mist bagai kan.. cam cite Fantaghiro gituuu.. upeye Jerry melanda..

seriusly saying.. i tak suke.. (eh tetibe I I bagai.. hehe)...

suke tak suke pon kene lah terima kan..?? most of human being who live in Malaysia said that this is a punishment given by God to Us because of doing certain bad things.. atau lebih dikenali sebagai Bala... bukan PI Bala.. ni Bala..

Bala.. "Bala tu jatuh pada golongan yang mungkar tu..." kate seorang watak (Driver Ambulans lam KLBR movie)..

hurm... so ramailah yang hupdate staus FB pasal Jerry ni...

antaranya.. "Untongla org Johor.. dapat Rase shisha free" , " anak dara jangan sidai coli kat luar.. ramai lelaki yang nak cari mask sekarang ni"..

dan banyak lagi.. so jangan lah nak buat org yang ditimpa kesusahan ni rase cuak.. tak baik..

Tadi kat PI slepas Isyak trus imam ajak sume solat Hajat.. nak jauhkan Jerebu from UiTM S.A.

InsyaAllah lah things will get much better and this Jerry Jerry thing will never invade Malaysia again....

Aminnn.... till thennnnn... Assalamualaikum

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Please Be Ready

Assalamualaikum and very wonderful night to all people who still breathing air and still seeing world with Allah's bless..

Nobody knows their future .. nobody knows what will happen even in a minute forward..


Today.. I just got a new that students from UiTM and UPM involved in a car accident which seems really terrifying ...

It is so devastated.. because we sit in a same room.. same hall.. doing same thing during MDS.. but now.. they are gone..

without having a real wonderful time in campus being as a University's student...

Life is fated by The Almighty God Allah SWT.. so as a Muslim and as a human being.. we must always be prepared..

Always doing good things.. Even if we commit a sin quickly ask forgiveness from Allah SWT.. our Creator.. The Creator of the Universe..

Believe in Qada' and Qadar is a MUST for a Muslim.. by this we know our life has been Fated by God .. but still Allah is the Most Gracious .. we still can pray so our future can better and our ending will be non-tragic..

Rasulullah SAW (Peace Be Upon Him) already teach us to practice doing Solat Taubat before you go to sleep.. so that Allah will forgive all of sins and you will be placed on the rightful place when your soul finally leave your body...

Thursday, 13 June 2013



Hurm Alhamdulillah sealam dapat saye join satu program Islamic yang saya rase cukup berinformasi dabn menarik... 

its a talk show, Qasidah, Quran recitation and so much more.. let say Programmes which full with Baraqah la.. hehe

its start with registration and giving food.. then we listen to beautiful rhythmic Qasidah (praising Allah and His Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him with Melody)... 

then when Maghrib comes.. we start Iftar Jama'ie.. 

(untuk makluman .. saye tak puasa.. tapi memang niat nak puasa.. hehehe *subuh semalam pi minum air cam unta lapar. )

but i just join the Iftar because eating in Jemaah in more Baraqah.. but siyesly.. i dun eat the food provided to those who fast for the day.. I just eat my food given.. except I took a very Juice mouth-watering Date.. it was so NAIS and refreshing...

then we pray Maghrib and then kitaorang bersolat hajat.. Bace Yassin dan tahlil skitt untuk arwah kakitangan2 UiTM yang kembali ke Rahmatullah.. (Al Fatihah to them)

then solat Isyak berjemaah.. Kesian kat kawan saye.. kaki die terseliuh but still going to PI to perform his solat.. and dengar suara die cam sedikit kesakitan when nak bangun dari Sujud.. I almost shed tears.. (Ya Allah please make us healthy and well every single time)

then the programme Sembang ROUNDABOUT Simpang 3 is totally ON.. moderator die tak lain tak bukan.. Kak Daie Millenia Adibah yang dicintai (lillahitaala)

and the Panel for the Talk Show is Ayahanda Ustaz Mat Nor.. (abg Rosyam Nor) * tipu je

tajuk TALKSHOW tersebut ialah DEEN LIST Vs. DEAN LIST.. as you can see on the top of this composition..

Hape Ke Makna nye tu?? (mesti solan ni terlintas lam benak fikiran korang kan\?? )

DEEN LIST = List Agama.. (religion List)
DEAN LIST = list student yang cemerlang.. (dapat Hanugerah Dekan kau)

If you fulfill your deen list then the dean list will surely approaching you


1 people who are known on World but none of the angels know him/her.. (not famous on Skies)
2 People who are not very well known on the world but seriously extremely Famous on skies..
3 People who are seriously Famous on this wonderful world and totally not kidding at all.. Famous on    

we are human.. please don't judge others and please don't let others Judge you.. Only The Almighty God Allah SWT knows His servants well.. He is Al-A'lim ..

Let every single things that we do lead us to the happiness in the hereafter...

Imam As Syafie once said to Allah..

" I tell Allah about my difficulty on remember things, The God replies.. Please left bad things that u usually done.. Knowledge is Light and Lights will not lighten up Heart that consist of  darkest chamber"

if we facing an exam and something bigger.. please do not for get to Pray on the perfect time.. Early on time.. Jama'ah.. on masjid or even smaller place.. but make sure that you ask from Allah.. everything.. every single thing that you want.. Allah said in holy Quran.. 

"Ud 'uni astajib lakoum" 

"Ask from me everything you want.. I will surely make it true.."

Let everything we do in this world as ibadah.. re new our intention.. because the devil and demon trying hardly to twist our intention..


* The intention must only for Almighty God Allah.. 
* Don't break the rules 
  (don'y do bad things which prohibited in Holy Quran and also Prohibited by THE PROPHET)
*Don't put aside the compulsory things that you MUST do. (Fardhu Ain)
* Don't mix up with others which seriously differs from your gender.. no touching mouching okayy

IF YOU FEELS SO ANCIOUS AND STRESS.. Follow these tips which done by rasulullah.

# watch green creatures.. ( trees, shrek Green Lantern and etc.) *TREES ONLY la
# listening the sounds made by water lapping and flowing..  (beach, waterfall, rain, Flush in toilet and etc.. )
# Watching a glowing face people.. (people which loves to smile..) *dun show up if you are in bad mood 
# "I feels calmest after I do tahhajud (wakes on night and pray and speak to GOD)

You can listen to any kind of music.. because not every single songs which sang by non-Nasyeed is not good.. 

Sing and listen to song which have Messages and moral..

REMEMBER ***** Allah Is Never Far From You

D>U>I>T       Blessing of God depends on your Parent Blessing..
o    s  s   a                          Ingat Allah*Rasulullah*IbuBapa
a    a  t   w
      h  i   a
      a q   k
         o   a
         m  l

Every one deserves a second chance, Back to the right path... 

Today ade class Tassawur.. and my friend named Asha wears Jubah/Abaya with a shawl.. she looks so nice.. i pray to god that Her heart will be opened to be in this condition starting now and forever.. Aminn....

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Class for Today (Critical Reading)

Assalamualaikum.. its really a wonderful day because I only have a Class to be attend today..

Critical reading Class by Pn. Haz..

lessons for today Is..lists of Vocab needs to be known by Law Student.

evaluation and etc... nanti lain kali saye post gambar die plak ye.. tak cempat nak salin tdi..

Media Manipulation.. (perghh Tv tiga suku sangatt)

you cant trust hundred percent of the thing played on your TiVo
-it can be in images, word, and even writing..

Media can manipulate our point of view

*take a step back if you really wanna get the general idea..
*check whether its accurate and reliable..

Perception made is based on Emotion and Apperance of something or someone..


"skilled , active, interpretation & evaluation of observations, communications, information and argumentative"

we already have these skilled and  now we need to sharpen our Gifted skills.

REASON OF ARGUMENT (about logic)

in order to come logical, rational conclusions about issues...

Formulate and present convincing premises to support conclusions..

*read about Argument mapping as your Homework...

k till then.. Assalamualaikum..

Friday, 7 June 2013

I'm An Mahasiswa Now.. Hope You Jealous...


Hurm dah lame jugak Qi tak Hapdate blog ni kan.. actually rindu sangat kat Blog yang tak banyak mane Viewers ni... but nak buat camana.. dah Bergelar Pelajar Universiti kan.. mesti lah Busy.. hehe

But I promise You Blogg.. I'll never leave you even I Busy like abg Azim.. heheh (sape abg Azim Tu???)
okay keep that Question mark in your head and I add more things to Increase your Curiosity..

tadaaa... Here is his picture..

so Camni.. setiap pelajar atas Mahasisiwa yang mendaftar di UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA perlu atau Wajib lam bahasa yang lepas Tepatnye.. Melalui Minggu Destini Siswa.. or what org Belanda selalu cakap Minggu Orientasi..

so not like Usual.. this week is totally an eye opener for us to keep studying here... ITS ROCK.. thats all I could tell.. hehhe Laugh Is never End.. and Being Sleepy during Deans speakin' infront is a Compulsion...

seriusly qi cakap.. duk sini pejam mata 4 saat da tertidor.. I think diorang letak sedative lam saluran Air Cond... kan kan kan.. Kepale plak berat cam letak batu sebijik.. thats it..

okay back to that Picture... Itu adalah abag Azim Tam Tam Bak Johor... (Bukan nama sebenar).. He is one of MP here... kire Facilitator la..

among all of Mp.. I think he did really good thing.. he arranged Penempatan n Pengangkutan semua pelajar.. hurm.. bayangkanlah betapa penatnye.. tengok die poon nampak Keletihan ... tapi takde.. for sake of anak bangsa Junior die.. die sanggup gak lakukan.. THUMBS UP to you Abang Azim Tam Tam..

I love every single thing that he put on...


so macam biase lah.. lam mane2 program pon mesti ade Faci yang berjalur keturunan Harimau Akar Pokok Cengal kan.. so Mine is named Abang Zahir Batin.. (still bukan name sebenar jugak)...

die memang tegas and garang... hate those who are not Punctual... But macam biase lahh mestijadi bahan kutukan Mahasiswa kan.. huhu

so Mahasiswa.. please jangan lah.. abg buat untuk kebaikan kita jugak.. without them all we will like a Dear entering a Village full of Vikings.. heheh (umpamanya)..


hurm MDS punye aktiviti memang seronoik.. I be A MC... I be A Dance Conductor... I be Fashion Designer.. I be SAJAK (POEM) reciter...

yang paling tu lah.. jadi pembaca Sajak kat depan seluruh pelajar UiTM Shah Alam and also seluruh Pelajar UiTm Malaysia.. kerana dipancarkan khas ke setiap kampus cawangan uiTM.. huhu glamm lah saye kan???

heheh ni semua hasil ajaran guru2 di SMK KUBANG KERIAN la.. without these soft skills I will never able doing all those things.. Thanks Teacher...

FRIEND QOUTE.. "OMG!!! I was SOOO surprised!! After Naib Chancellor bagi speech LIVE from UiTM Shah Alam tu ada persembahan sajak. Mula2 I didn't pay attention kat screen (cuz I'm sick) then when I looked at the screen dalam 3 saat, I was like "OMG MY FRIEND!!!" Congrats Amin Rashidi! That performance was epic!!! I'm proud of you! UiTM 1 bumi Malaysia tengok kot! Wohoo "

by Datin Elle ....>>

dapat Roommate pon baik2 je sume.. hehe.. takde yang Kerek macam Jamban Busukk..

*satu perkara.. pelajar U ni Narrow Minded and Mentality rendah tahap Shin Chan.. bile ade offer nak buat tu nak jadi ni.. die tak keluar.. tapi bila kita yang volunteerer ni Keluar.. mula lah bising.. mengata memaki..


*sian kat kawan saye.. huhu (len kali nilai diri kau dulu sebelum nak nilai org.. Don't you have balls?)

then time bace sajak Live tu.. sume kawan2 kat UiTM campus lain2 hapdate status.. terkejut tengok bangga sume.. huhu thanks friends... Do Promote me to the most beautiful friend You have.. hehehe (GATAI NAA)

huhu.. and This is another Person


her anme Is... Kak Nur Syaza Suraya Binti Sauli... huhu akak Syaza memang best and awesome.. First time jumpe akak.. die ajar break clap.. *tepuk peha biar lemak ancoorrr..

Rhythmic Clap on your Leg... huhu its so nice... enjoy ngattt... Break ten tuh yang perghhh skali... haha

Akak syaza ni mula2 saye kenal die bile die mintak seorang mahasiswa yang voluteer nak jadi MC.. then I put my hand Up la kan.. because Nobody want that position.. on the Fisrt Occasion kott...

die la yg buat teks.. die ajar satu2.. huhu thanks akak.. she's doing Degreee Bahasa and bla bla bla.. tak ingat la... Die jugak aktif sebagai Freelancer of MC (for Wedding etc).. Her professionalism is Can't be denied by anybody.. She Is One of a Kind... Love You Kak Syaza.. InsyaAllah I want you to be my Senior Advisor..

Kak Syaza ni orang kelantan Tau.. org Pasir Puteh.. and she too.. Puteh melepakk.. hehhe.,. I feels like she is my sister.. a biological sister. hehe because she show the best how to treat a Brother like me..

hurm sekian lahh meraban di tengah malam...

Esok insya Allah nak keluar outing ngan kawan.. nak gi Mid Valley and SACC... huhu see you there okay..

A place that i love to Be in this University is Pusat Islam.. fuhhh its is where the da'wah spreading... Alhmadulillah I've dreaming to be on place like that.. and guess what.. Allah give me so much.. Pusat Islam just 8 minutes away from my College... so InsyaAllah.. nak solat sane setiap hari n setiap mase...

Abg Faris is my advisor on religious metal.. Just now have a great conversation with him.. involving my most passionate thing in life POLITIC...

FOOD.. hurm makanan during MDS boleh dikira sedap jugak lah.. sampaikan perut saye Excrete waste product almost twice a day.. saye kehairanan.. kalau saye kat rumah.. sekali sehari tu pon tak pasti.. hurm...

hurm got so much input from him.. and esok InsyaAllah kumpulan UNIC.. nasyid tu.. akan ade konsert di pusat Islam ni tau.. huhu tak sabor teman nak ke sano..

This Gorgeous Hal Named Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor (DATC).. jadi MC buat kali pertama kat sini lahhh...

jamban die dah berDiamond In The Sky bagai... Rihanna Sangatttt...

here I am at Pusat Islam.. Ber Ibadallah.. ehhee (lakonan semata)


my block..

semalam ade Malam Apresiasi Seni.. bertemakan Pesta Keamatan dan Hari Gawai.. persembahan perghhh best gile... one of my fav. performance is "Dari Tanah Kita Datang.. Ke Tanah Juga Kita Dikembalikan" which is my College punye persembahan.. Mesej die berat.. but this sketch is Funny and so Kelakau bolehbah kalakau... hehhe.....

tak lupa jugak kepada abg REMY and Abg Syah BOBO.. hehe... kerana menceriakan hari kami.. dengan warna warni variasi seni korang tu hah... PETI AIS AND COLOR BLOCK is perfect Match.. Gud Job.. hope can see you guys more...

Thats All from now on.. Assalamualaikum...

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