Hurm Alhamdulillah sealam dapat saye join satu program Islamic yang saya rase cukup berinformasi dabn menarik... 

its a talk show, Qasidah, Quran recitation and so much more.. let say Programmes which full with Baraqah la.. hehe

its start with registration and giving food.. then we listen to beautiful rhythmic Qasidah (praising Allah and His Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him with Melody)... 

then when Maghrib comes.. we start Iftar Jama'ie.. 

(untuk makluman .. saye tak puasa.. tapi memang niat nak puasa.. hehehe *subuh semalam pi minum air cam unta lapar. )

but i just join the Iftar because eating in Jemaah in more Baraqah.. but siyesly.. i dun eat the food provided to those who fast for the day.. I just eat my food given.. except I took a very Juice mouth-watering Date.. it was so NAIS and refreshing...

then we pray Maghrib and then kitaorang bersolat hajat.. Bace Yassin dan tahlil skitt untuk arwah kakitangan2 UiTM yang kembali ke Rahmatullah.. (Al Fatihah to them)

then solat Isyak berjemaah.. Kesian kat kawan saye.. kaki die terseliuh but still going to PI to perform his solat.. and dengar suara die cam sedikit kesakitan when nak bangun dari Sujud.. I almost shed tears.. (Ya Allah please make us healthy and well every single time)

then the programme Sembang ROUNDABOUT Simpang 3 is totally ON.. moderator die tak lain tak bukan.. Kak Daie Millenia Adibah yang dicintai (lillahitaala)

and the Panel for the Talk Show is Ayahanda Ustaz Mat Nor.. (abg Rosyam Nor) * tipu je

tajuk TALKSHOW tersebut ialah DEEN LIST Vs. DEAN LIST.. as you can see on the top of this composition..

Hape Ke Makna nye tu?? (mesti solan ni terlintas lam benak fikiran korang kan\?? )

DEEN LIST = List Agama.. (religion List)
DEAN LIST = list student yang cemerlang.. (dapat Hanugerah Dekan kau)

If you fulfill your deen list then the dean list will surely approaching you


1 people who are known on World but none of the angels know him/her.. (not famous on Skies)
2 People who are not very well known on the world but seriously extremely Famous on skies..
3 People who are seriously Famous on this wonderful world and totally not kidding at all.. Famous on    

we are human.. please don't judge others and please don't let others Judge you.. Only The Almighty God Allah SWT knows His servants well.. He is Al-A'lim ..

Let every single things that we do lead us to the happiness in the hereafter...

Imam As Syafie once said to Allah..

" I tell Allah about my difficulty on remember things, The God replies.. Please left bad things that u usually done.. Knowledge is Light and Lights will not lighten up Heart that consist of  darkest chamber"

if we facing an exam and something bigger.. please do not for get to Pray on the perfect time.. Early on time.. Jama'ah.. on masjid or even smaller place.. but make sure that you ask from Allah.. everything.. every single thing that you want.. Allah said in holy Quran.. 

"Ud 'uni astajib lakoum" 

"Ask from me everything you want.. I will surely make it true.."

Let everything we do in this world as ibadah.. re new our intention.. because the devil and demon trying hardly to twist our intention..


* The intention must only for Almighty God Allah.. 
* Don't break the rules 
  (don'y do bad things which prohibited in Holy Quran and also Prohibited by THE PROPHET)
*Don't put aside the compulsory things that you MUST do. (Fardhu Ain)
* Don't mix up with others which seriously differs from your gender.. no touching mouching okayy

IF YOU FEELS SO ANCIOUS AND STRESS.. Follow these tips which done by rasulullah.

# watch green creatures.. ( trees, shrek Green Lantern and etc.) *TREES ONLY la
# listening the sounds made by water lapping and flowing..  (beach, waterfall, rain, Flush in toilet and etc.. )
# Watching a glowing face people.. (people which loves to smile..) *dun show up if you are in bad mood 
# "I feels calmest after I do tahhajud (wakes on night and pray and speak to GOD)

You can listen to any kind of music.. because not every single songs which sang by non-Nasyeed is not good.. 

Sing and listen to song which have Messages and moral..

REMEMBER ***** Allah Is Never Far From You

D>U>I>T       Blessing of God depends on your Parent Blessing..
o    s  s   a                          Ingat Allah*Rasulullah*IbuBapa
a    a  t   w
      h  i   a
      a q   k
         o   a
         m  l

Every one deserves a second chance, Back to the right path... 

Today ade class Tassawur.. and my friend named Asha wears Jubah/Abaya with a shawl.. she looks so nice.. i pray to god that Her heart will be opened to be in this condition starting now and forever.. Aminn....


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