Heading Straight without Falling


Life is a journey.. A journey to a specific Destination.. The Question is where?

I think that every single person in this world knew the answer..

So how do we gonna achieve the goal of our life?

Its clear.. The Holy books (Quran, Taurat, Injil, Zabur) given to Us as a servant of The Creator to be followed..

For Muslim now.. Quran is given to Prophet Mohamed Peace Be Upon Him. so it is the latest set of rules and regulation Created By Allah.

Before Mohamed was born and become The Last Prophet, Jesus son of Mary is appointed as Prophet..
Injil is given.. but the teaching of Injil is not yet complete.. and Jesus do said that There will be a man who will teach the complete teaching.. do follow him.. (Mohamed)..

As well as Taurat and Zabur..

The problem is.. when these Prophets Is dead and being taken to the Sky (Jesus).. peoples change the Book according to their needs and not.. So there is no more called sacred to the book.. its being touch by hands of Humans...

except Al Quran.. Allah (GOD) promises that no one could ever change This Last Sacred BOOK..

The teaching of Al Quran must be followed optimally by the followers..

By following all the rules, an individual will be on right the right path..

Then by this .. we can arrived at the Destination which everybody wanna be.. I called as Hometown..
Where Adam and Eve used to live.. PARADISE.. # Aminn.. InsyaAllah..

*If we commit sins.. ask forgiveness from Allah.. He will surely Forgive our sins.. and try hardly to avoid doing it again..

*till then Wa billahi Taufiq.. Wal Hidayah.. Assalamualaikum...


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