There's Always Room for Improvements


Dah lame tak tulis something kat sini kan.. so here is something really beneficial for us who born as a human. Because of what? Because of human do mistakes and yeahh we should realize our mistake and try not to do it again, get back to Allah and live as a better person..

It is undeniably true that we face a lot of tests in our life because Allah simply wanna see whether we can survive or fall into the test given.. If we failed dont worry the result will be shown at the Hereafter which leave a room for us to improve ourselves.

The best human being is the one who commits a mistake and then ask forgiveness from Allah. But we should remember that knowing Allah as The Most Forgiving doesn't give us green light to do any bad or evil doing. Allah knows His creations and even thing sparks in your tiny little heart. You can't hide from Him and you should think thousands times before doing any bad.

Allah has prescribed us with the Holy Quran which functioning as guidance to the believers and the mankind, and He also gave us a good example for us which is the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Prophet Muhammad's teachings, deeds and saying, or even silent approval is definition of Sunnah. This are the main two major sources of Islam which if we strictly follows these two great sources, InshaaAllah we will never get astray. 

It is crucial to maintain connection between our heart and Allah the Almighty. A strong connection of heart and Allah will leave no room for us to do any bad or wrongdoings. Remembering Allah within our heart is the greatest dhikr apart from reciting on our lips. Yes, these simple words such as Lailahaillah, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahuakbar can give us peace and harmony because we had established the connection of our heart with Allah The Owner of the Universe.

Allah SWT had prescribed to Muslims for performing shalat. Shalat is the main pillars of one's religion. One's religion will reflects how he conduct his life. Performing Shalat has been made compulsory for human and it requires great commitment and discipline from those believers. Five times a day comprising Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib, and lastly Isyak need to be fulfilled by Muslims as and obligation towards the Almighty.

Allah may not need us but we need Him in our life. One's life can be ruined if there is no appreciation and gratefulness of what Allah had gave them. Thus, performing Shalat is one way showing gratefulness to Allah for what He had done to us. Yeah there some of you might be saying " He don't perform Shalat yet he still rich and good in studies" Brother and sister, the is very precise word to describe this matter, it is "Istidraj". 

Istidraj simply means when Allah SWT give fortunes to someone whereby Allah is not pleased with him. Rasulullah Peace be Upon Him said,

"When you see Allah سبحانه وتعالى gives good fortunes to his slaves who are always committing sins (disobedient), know that the person is being given istidraj by Allah سبحانه وتعالى." (At-Tabrani, Ahmad and Al-Baihaqi) 

As a conclusion, we don't want our creator to hate us. We want Him to look at us with Mercy for His blessing we shall be in peace and harmony in the long lasting life called Hereafter. InshaaAllah, there is no harm for you to return back to the right track. Allah is always there waiting to bestows you with His rahmat and guidance. 


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