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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New Assignment Invasion


yup Academic Writing Pairwork Assignment is done and already submitted to my dearest Lecturer Madam Bhajan Kaur and guest what.. the date line is two days ago and that time i was very sure that i've submitted to my Class Rep and i was a huge relief.

and last night, I was checking my bag and suddenly the Academic Writing is in my bag ... WHATTTTT,... i was really panicked that time and terus amek phone and call my Madam... Luckily she is very kind and she give me another chance. hehehe Thank God...

so tadi pagi terus submit kat Madam and she also ask for my new topic and I suddenly says that i wanna do about Cyber Crime but Madam tells that no other side of the argument .. she mean that no one will support a cyber crime .. so I just come up with Affirmative action... and hurm... she's totally okay with it...

so here we go.. another topic another work another assignment....

Hope will do it great

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