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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Final Exam is Approaching


Alhamdulillah.. i made it here.. i made it now.. hurm second sem of ASASI in Law..

nothing could be better... actually the final exam is totally around the corner.. and im just totally insane to book a ticket going back home during the study week... hey nothing can stop me.. hehehe

hoping that my precious moment at my dearest home seeing my mommy's face will make me learn faster and better... hehheeh hope her blessing will be with me when i step in to the Examination Hall on 24th March..

im started going back home on 14th March and will have a real nice time (hopefully i dont sleep all day) for aweek and heading back here at Shah Alam on my very own 19th Birthday which is on 22nd March.. I hope my journety will be safe..

Ya Allah.. i just hope that all thing that i've learn wil be carved on my head and it will help me in my examination..

I just want to proceed will Law.. i dont know what to do other than Law... thats why im really hoping that my second MUET i will finally get a BAND 4 ... Aminnnnn

thats all for now... Missing My Mommy.. BYE BYE

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