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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Alhamdulillah da Sampai Kelantan

Assalamualikum.. yup...

saye balik study week ni.. and when i say a week.. its totally gonne be a week.. ehhehe bukan ape.. i just miss my mom so much..

u know how much i love her... like all the stars on the skies.. hehhe

Alhamdulillah sampai je kelantan hari tu.. Allah curahkan rahmat hujan hampir kepada satu Malaysia hari tersebut.. 23 Hariibulan..

so grateful for the rain because we have been suffering from critical stage haze on that moment..

and u know something??? saye turun bas terlupa nak ambik luggage kat bawah.. hehhee

that was really bad for me.. then bile sedar je tak ambik bag tadi.. terus suruh abg saya kejar bas Sani yang nak balik ke Depoh.. hurm.. memang cuak gile ahh...

unfortunately.. keta plak takde minyak.. so pegi lah isi dulu..then we lost the bus track.. pusing2 satu pengkalan chepa nak cari depoh bas tu.. tapi sadly tak jumpe jgak..

last last redha la.. balik umah.... janji ngan abg saye "dont tell mom about this" but im the one yang bocorkan rahsia.. hehehe

luckily if contacted Sani punye nombor ADuan.. and they cooperate goodly with me and later on the evening.. my bag was discovered... Alhamdulillah... i couldnt imagine if i totally lost the bag that i kept all my note to be read during this study week.. hehhe

bu here me now.. only cover Law Criminal, Tort & Contract and Law 2 (still dun knoe the name for the subject)... hari esok dah Khamis means i only have 3 days to revise others subject.. Ya ALlah permudahkanlah hambaMu menjalani Final Exam...


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