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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Point Presentation


Alhamdulillah.. Its feeling great.. just now i just present my point in front of my whole class..

My topic is Math and Science Should Be Taught in English..

hurm.. what do you think about it???

do you love learning Math and Science in English or vice versa??

actually I already do this topic for the previous semester under the Argumentative essay.. and now.. I still doing it for this new semester..

this time i just need to write a 900 words essay... Hope it will be great... InshaAllah...

actually i really think Math n Sciences should be taught in English because as we all knows.. Malay Term for science is really different and this can cause great confusion among the students and when they get their feet on Universities.. they will have a seriuos LANGUAGE shock... am i right?? trhis is not my opinion but this is based on my study...

and if Malaysian wants to have a generation which fluent in English.. they should considering to implement PPSMI again...

i think its a waste to stop doing PPSMI.. hurm anyway i really hope Malaysia will change it again and this time it will be permanent...

HOPE I'LL DO Great...



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