Found An Interesting App


All Praises to The Almighty God. Allah SWT..

We still got the chances to breathe rite..

Early in the morning I decided not to spent my Saturday morning as usual I do which is SLEEPING till 8 a.m. (don't do this at home! do it at office)...^_^

Hurm I spent my time downloading new apps for my Lovely Phone.. luckily i still got a lot of space..

The apps that I found really Interesting is VideoFX.. it can be found at Google Play or Play Store

actually I'm looking for movie editor coz i need to work on something like that for my assignment which is Persuasive Speech Presentation.

Then I key in some words like Video Editor at the Google play.. and on top of the list is MAGISTO which I already have it in my Phone..

so i look on something else.. download couples of shit actually before I realize a diamond that being covered by a junk of shit.. huhu (don't write like me Imma bad boy)

this app actually encouraging people to do a simple music video .. we can record our video with the soundtrack and the ability to choose an effect for our video is really amazed me.. the music with automatically Paused when we Changed the Filter or Effect...

Hurm... I would to thanks the app creator a lot... You do a great job anyways..

feeling really excited!! Hope its a good sign


Yesterday for the Moot Interview....

it was great actually getting to know all of awesome student from other classes which from KPTM.. thety are seriously good.,..

I am selected and will be representing the second Team.. Maybe im not doing well so they put me on the second team.. huhu But i hope i'll improve my skill.. coz i need it badly..

The Moot Inter-Asasi Competition's Question has already given.. and I read it and This HUGE thing comes in my mind... IT COMPLICATED... huhuhu

Hope it will be great.. The Competition will be held on 21st January 2014.. we will compete with Law Student from UiTM Merbok and UiTM Kuantan..

Yeah.. hope we'll win... InshaAllah


Tiket nak balik Kelantan da beli.. huhu but unfortunately I'll be seated at second seat before the end of the bus and on the second floor of the Bus... Hope i'll not vomit.. hihihi

Missing my beloved mother.. and As I they are waiting for me to come home because My sister wants to held an Aqiqah feast on his son.. Hope we'll be blessed by The Almighty God Allah Subhanahuwataala

my nephew names is Ahmad Maher Zain. (because My sister is Crazying about Maher Zain). and This what He looks like when he was so young..

Wabillahitaufiq walhidayah wassalamualaikum


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