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Tuesday, 10 December 2013



Hurm I still don't know whether I'm doing a good decision or not but I'm sincerely asking guidance from The Almighty God Allah The One and Only ....

I hope I will have some good time when I join mooting competition. I really need to sharpen my skill because you know how bad i wanted to be a lawyer .

I just hope that with this opportunity I will catch my dream. Yes to be a lawyer and next is to be a person who will change the law which already had in Malaysia.

I just want that my nation which is Malaysia become a complete Islamic Country which also applying Islamic Religious Law. InshaAllah..

I wants to make some changing in Article 4 in Federal Constitution and left alone the Article 3

Article 3 - The official religion of the State is Islam.

Article 4 - The highest law of the State is Federal Constitution - which I want to change to be - The Higjest Law of the State is Al-Quran.. what do you think about these?

Firstly we need to win our people's heart to accept the LIGHTS in their life and to attract them to leave the Secularism.



I just want the whole become a better place to live in .. by Following the rules and regulation made by Allah.. not by human.

AMINNNNNNNN... Ya Rabbal Alamin

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