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Monday, 11 February 2013



Friend.. a word that everybody in the world know.. Friend.. Everybody in the world have it.. doesn't matter how much friend one can have but how they appreciate one another..

I used to have a friend.. I've be friend with him for almost 3 years..  He such a gud guy.. He's the only place I can pour my problems and joy..

We have so much gud time together.. Going to lot of places.. Taking a lot of pics.. keeping so much memories in my bare head..

Last year.. when he asked me whether I can be on his Birthday party.. it was organized on night.. pretty big party I think.. He asked me to be there.. But I dun have any transportation.. He asked me to drive my sister's car..

He knew that I dun have any license but he insisted... I can't attend his Birthday party..

from that moment.. I get nothing from him.. no text no call.. I think he already have dumped me.. I accept..

Sometimes I wonder.. don't he remember all the memories that we have... Thinkin' bout him makes me wana cry.. Just a little thing human can left a friend.. I've sent him a lot of message to seek his apologize .. but nothing comes in his mind I guessed..

Nothing feels worst then losing a friend.. Everyday since then.. I pray to Allah to let us be friend again.. Having more gud time together..

And I hope he with consider again how to treat a friend....

All the thing I can do Now is.. keep watching our pictures..

to say someone is our bestfriend is easy.. but to live it is hard

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