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Wednesday, 5 December 2012



yup.. just now was the most precious moment in my live...

waiting for isyak.. took remote and stroll down the channel.. aha.. found something really good..

THE STORIES OF PROPHETS... By Yusuf Estes... on Astro OASIS..

this uncle really make me fascinating.. following his story make me realized that the Prophets History really meaningful and should be something that every Muslims know..

tengok best sangat.. coz pak cik ni cite memang relax.. he used really nice work.. the audience pay fully attention to him.. and that happened to me as well ..

really nice to see what Yusuf Estes wore.. a Jubah and also vest.. hurm so stylo.. hehe

tengok syok2 tetibe my nephew change to another channel.. I think he didn't want to watch the Program because it is in English..

so I went to sauna for 15 minutes.. feeling so great.. haha.. I can fells my sweat running over all part of my body.. so wet..

then fresh up for a moment and pergi mandi.. lepas sauna memnag dahaga air.. I dun really know the benefits but I just try it.. my body feel lighter..

so here I am now.. online for unspecific moment.. hahha.. updating blog is my pleasure.. I found that a citizen of Yemen viewing my blog.. I dun know whether he/his understand coz I wrote in a mixed language..

Malay + English producing Manglish... haha..

anyway thanks for viewing my blog...

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