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Tuesday, 18 December 2012



tetibe plak nak post pasal PMR ni kan?? hhhaha in fact I'm moved from it.. now I'm waiting for Bigger one.. SPM result.. hehe Hope doing gud there.. aminnn...

takde yang tetibe nak post pasal PMR ni sebab tadi tetibe ade kawan saye mecej.. "amin, cikgu **** ajak mung gi skolah esok urus result PMR"... so I type a few words to reply it... n send...

tak lame lepas tu tengok Message Sending Failed.. lorgh Tamat Tempoh la.. huhu..

saye sebenearnya tido kat Umah kakak saye ni.. so nak pegi mungkin banyak hal skit.. but I really want to be there.. hehe

bukan ape.. saye rase nak sangat ade kat majlis ambik result ni.. coz during mine.. I can't be there...

I was on holiday at Kuala Lumpur back then.. I've booked a flight one day before the result day ... but the result day dah ditukarkan sehari seblum tu.. so I can't be there.. so frust...

I asked my cousin to get my result .. then when I was waiting for the message from my cousin about my result.. My cousing text me.. "Amin, ady n wanida dapat 9A"... I was so shocked.. because I paham yang amin ady n wanida dapat sembilan A..

but nope.. I've called my cousin and she said.. only ady n wanida got 9A... I only got 8A 1 B.. B for Arabic... hehe

I was really thankful although I dun get straight A's.. hehe

so I really hope I can be there  tomorrow.. to keep my adik-adik accompany.. heheh... hehehe

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