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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

ReUnion S3k3 Tomorrow

Assalamualaikum ..

so tomorrow 26 December I will attend a reunion party at my primary school which is Sekolah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 3..

it was the best school in this area.. haha..  at first hearing about this gathering I quickly agreed.. it is really good to be together again with our friends right? 

Getting back together.. have a nice conversation.. talk about experiences.. sharing ideas.. and remembering past event... that is really great..

after 5 years we don't meet each other and this great moment will be a splendid..

Finished UPSR.. we lost each other.. Boarding school, High Qualification School, and a Normal School which is my school haha...

I used to have a great bestfriends during Primary School.. one of them is Syafiq.. Syafiq is a smart boy who always came out with awesome imaginary... he love to be a Superhero.. I dun really remember what he want to be but I think Its Spiderman... 

Kamarulzaman and also Asyraff are also my bestfriends.. Superman and Batman Maybe.. dun really remember... 

hope can have a really great time tomorrow... I heard that they also provide a game for me to play.. really excited to be there.. 

I used to pronounce Exzited.. because it sounds really funny.. hehehe

pic taken during first Reunion 


  1. Aish, xaci gmba aq xdok ni.. Cilakakk.. -ore putih kube kiye- hahaha

  2. sapoe agaknye Ore putih kube kiye ni yepp???


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