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Thursday, 13 December 2012



today is Friday TGIF haha.. Friday is the chief of all day.. know why?? because Adam is created on this Day and many other reason..

To fill up my leisure moment yup because I am jobless.. I wanna go jog with my best friends for the third times in this Month. Still can't figure out what I'm gonna wear because I have no shoes.. so I will go under the edge and find anything to wear..

Jogging is a really great exercises that human should do. It can improve your cardiovascular system and also make your body energized all the time. During Jogging, human's body keep pouring sweat. This sweat can make the body feels lighter and great. As we all know, when our body is great, our brain will be awesome.

So stop sleeping like a sloth and make a move now. I will be at HUSM to Jog at 7.30 a.m. but we always late.. ahha Malay Promises I guess.. haha

If you wanna get your body look good join us.. no fees will be charged. Yup because we don't own that trek. If we own it, Of course I will charged a really great ammount to all of you hihi... GTG BYE.

Its raining outside.. I think all my plan will be canceled. How to Jog in rain?? you want me to get cough and fever?? nope right? so better be at home.. chitchatin' will my virtual friends.. its sound much better dont they?? ahhaha

I started to talk nonsense right now.. ahhaa before I get worst Its better if I end it right Here.. hehe 


  1. Replies
    1. NAk jogging la tu kakak oi. hahaha.. takkan nak ehem2 plak.. anyway ehem2 tu ape?? hahahah


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