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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I Want A Good Posture


Yup everyone who live in this world wanna be in a good state. For male, we want muscle and for woman off course they wanna have a good slim body with great waist.

So how to achieve this good appearance? In order to built new muscle we have to take a lot Protein. Protein help in formation of new cell. besides we need to work out. Protein is rich in Fish, Meat and Mutton.

To achieve a good and beautiful body, we should control our eating habits. Take a balanced diet. Carbohydrates must be taken the most because it generates energy. You don't wanna move slow like a sloth don't you? So take Carbohydrates and adapt in in your daily Food. Food that rich in carbo is Rice and Bread.

To have a great appearance, we also need to know what the latest fashion is. We don't wanna look like a people from Napoleon War isn't it? So be careful with what you wear. Make sure it is suitable for the occasion that you will attend. Make sure it is comfortable to wear and for Muslims, make sure it covers your aurah.

You don't wanna look too much right? Wear any outfit that less in color. If you wear something really colorful, people will say that you are a Walking Rainbow.

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