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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Good Morning..


huhu... memang jarang la saye post bende pepagi camni.. but what can i do..

I dun really have a real good sleep lately.. I still can't close my eyes even at 4 a.m. I try to sleep but I can't..

I'm living like a zombie right now.. I can't even feel my skin..

Its torturing.. I think she's back.. Try to be together again with me.. I wanted to.. but please don't disturb my sleep...

I'll easily lost my focus on everything I do.. Sometimes I say absurd thing.. That make them realize that She's back..

I can't eat well.. even watching TV can be so worst...

Please.. I need a Wonderful Sleep... It's been 3 days in this condition.. I might easily if this thing continues...

Luckily I dun Have any eyes bag...

'GREAT' 3 January....

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