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Sunday, 14 October 2012



kelas malam untuk Bahasa Inggeris bersama Sir Saiful berakhir pada malam ini pada jam 1030 malam tadi..

hari ni ialah hari yang paling memilukan.. ape tak nye just 11 orang je yang dapat hadir.. yang laen tu rasenye ade alasan yang kukuh kowt...

so tadi pon masok lambat skit klas coz kawan ajak pegi makan Roti Canai kat Restoran Rasa Kasih.. ala bunyi cam jauh in fact.. depan sekolah tu je...

so roti canai situ memang best.. kenyal.. n habis je roti saye.. terus kawan saye bagi yang die punye.. actually I was on my diet.. hahha I break the rules which I made it up .. ala saje je.. terasa jugak nak diet kan??

hari ni Sir was really funny.. he acting up like being hit by a motorcycle... hahah so funny.. my friend got the chance to record him...

actually saye pon ade record suare die time die mengajar with my phone.. bukan ape.. just nak keep as a memory...

Sir Saiful ni memang special.. His voice can be heard from three block.. hehe

I truly love his accent.. he use completely United Kingdom accent..

for one second.. I though that he was a British..

so at the end the lesson.. when all student were packing their thing into their bag.. I took an oppurtunity to shake Sir's hand..

"thanks for everything Sir.. " he replied by saying " Good luck for your SPM".. I was a prayer from a teacher to his students..

he said that he want to join us when we have a feast to celebrate the end of the school.. and of course his name will be on the list...


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