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Thursday, 18 October 2012



so for the next collaboration between my school SMK KUBANG KERIAN, SMK LONG GHAFFAR and also SMK KOTA for the English subject will took place at SMK LONG GHAFFAR...

it is Friday tomorrow and we all advised to wear Baju Melayu.. not Baju Bajau ok.. for once again .. I brought only Jubah to my sister's house..

it is not prohibited but I feel a little bit awkward ... whatever.. the only thing I wanna be there tomorrow is to learn.. not to walk on the fashion show..

from my sister's house which located at Seribong, it was only 5 kilometers... but I think that I will not drive there .. my sister will send and fetch me.. a million of thanks to you..

I've been to SMK LONG GHAFFAR for once and I think it was a beautiful school.. for one second.. I think it was look alike with my school...

till here then.. I was hoping that tomorrow will be great... no more complained will be heard...


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