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Monday, 15 October 2012



just to recall back what I've just learnt... today it was about Thermochemistry..

yeah you right.. the Q=mc(teta) couldn't find the symbol.. hehe

Delta H= Q / n

hehe.. petang tadi baru ade test kimia.. yang laen sume boleh jawab.. but when it comes to find the heat of combustion.. I was totally blank..

so kirenye mmg bertuah sangat datang kelas malam just now.. boleh improve in Thermochemistry.. hehe

Exothermic reaction is when the heat release I higher than the heat absorb.. while..

Endothermic reaction is when heat absorb is higher than the heat release..

what else.. hurm.. so time cikgu tanye whether we have a question or not.. suddenly my friend raise her hand..

"cikgu betol ko ado ore oyak sayo that telur boleh masak kalau direndam ke dalam peluntur.." hehe so funny right..

my teacher just smiled meaningfully...

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