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Monday, 22 October 2012


yup for celebrating our precious moment before left the school.. we all agreed to have a class party...

it is organize perfectly and tomorrow we will see how far this thing could be...

the main menu is "ROTI JALA" and I don't even like it.. but try to fake like it is my fav. food..

so for the boys.. we had been in charged to prepared the drinks.. Sunquick will be our outrageous drinks...

the girls also remind me to bring along the Speaker and also lappies because they wanna hear the music during the feast..

but seriously saying that.. I don't have much music.. and I do.. it might be on my genre.. they probably not like it.. hurm..

what could I say??

so tengahari tadi dah pegi tempah ais kat kantin.. just three pack.. hurm tak banyak sangat ke??? ntah la kan..,

anyway really hope things will be great... InsyaAllah...

esok jugak kiteorg kene hantar buku teks.. so kire punye kire macam tak cukup satu je.. hurm hope ade la kat skolah.. malas nak bayar ganti rugi.. hik hik

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