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Monday, 19 November 2012


Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Allah  kerana dengan rahmatnya saye boleh menjawab paper Agama tdi dengan baik..

yang saye betol2 tak tahu tdi ialah Hal mengenai Imam Al Bukhari..... riwayat hidup die memang saye tak tahu...

hurm tapi memang saye berani target A untuk Agama tdi....

hurm esok plak exam Addmath.. really hope that things will be easy for me.. dont wanna get any F for SPM...

I dont wanna look stupid in front of others.. heheh... really hope that Allah will help me again tomorrow.. InsyaAllah..

I wanna get at least C for Addmath.. I dont hope more.. but if Allah wanna give more to me.. I will accept it with open hands... heheh

pray for me to pass in this subject.. If one of you 'aminn'ing my pray.. InsyaAllah.. the prayer will be accepted by the GOD..

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