Assalamualaikum n good evening to my blog viewers
Memang Bulan Ramadhan tahun ini (2012) ialah yang paling bermakna bagi saye..
ini kerana.. sekolah saye dengan ade nye PKP baharu..
tiap tiap pagi akan mengadakan perhimpuanan..
perhimpunan ni plak bukan cakap hal keduaniaan sahaja..

But, kiteorg ramai2 gather kat tengah padang and bace Surah Yassin..
nothing feels more calmer than those feeling when the voices of students becomes one..
syahdu rasenye.. feel like Malaikat utusan Allah melindungi kami semua ketika itu...
nothing better than this Ramadhan... but unluckily this year is the last year I'm schooling at SMKKK
I still remember that when my teacher from my primary school asked me which school I wanna be in after UPSR.. and I said SMKKK..

They looked really shocked.. to them this school is nothing good..
But I proved that those perceptions were wrong..
Many of my friends and me also can get a good result for PMR even schooling in SMKKK..
It doesn't matter whether you schooling at "sekolah harian biase ke asrama ke.. " but the student itself should realized what is their intention going to school..
I don't deny that many of my schoolmates doing so much troubles and problems.. but it all part and parcel of life..

They still don't know what are they looking for.. I pray that those students and also me.. will be a great people in future..
I will miss this school so much.. with many great friends that comes up in my life during I was studying here..
I really thanks to HIM for giving me such a great opportunity to have a wonderful friends..
I have to admit from the bottom of my heart that without all of my friends that I have now..
I will not be where I am now.. they teach me a great lesson for life..

In my early years.. I have so much wonderful time especially when I was in KKQ class..
Reciting Al Quran with melody (Tarannum) really make me turn into a new leaf..
Besides, learning Arabic also make me realized.. "How wonderful World are"..
Arabic is the language of Paradise.. I was so glad to have a chance to learn it..
But those thing now are fading.. just like a wilt flower..
I only can remember easy words in Arabic.. It was so awesome when our teacher want us to memorize those Arabic words..

Really thankful for what I have achieve in my life.. And if I die now.. I will leave the world without no regret...


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