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Thursday, 22 November 2012

2 More Papers To Go

yup CHEMIST and BIO.. both are really tough subject...

both are my favorite subject.. really give a huge different in my life..

Paper Chemist this next Monday and Paper BIO on Tuesday...

after that.. I will be free.. haha free from book and papers...

gonna make a license for Car and also Motorcycle.

its need a lot of money .. haha so I need to find a work..

still can't figure out what I'm gonna work.. hehe..

Do you think I'm thinking so far?? yupp.. I think so..

I should focus on what comes after this... work is work and STUDY is STUDY...

Really wanna have a good result for SPM and that bring a lot of different for my life after school..

gonna further up my study.. hurm in or maybe abroad... Harvard University is my goal...

haha just dreaming on the day..

InsyaAllah.. pray for my success..

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