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Thursday, 13 September 2012


entah kenapa saye dilahirkan dengan satu perasaan yang sangat pelik... saye ni boleh dikategorikan sebagai budak mentah yang minat bercakap bab politik dalam negara... hurm untuk pelajar yang sebya dengan saya.. mereka tak pernah ade rase ingin tahu dalam perkembangan politik di dalam negara but different with me.. i'm so excited to talk about political issues in my beloved countries Malaysia.

for one second in my life.. i wanted to be a politician.. but its still blurr and fading slowly.. i have to remember.. being a politician, we have to embrace the spirit of sincerity and loyalty. if we have all those values in ourself.. we will be a great human being and loved by meny people..

i think that all my weird passion and for this PRU13 that is another big election.. i really hope the rulers selected is the people among the best... like people always says "May best men Win.." tak gitu>???

really hope Malaysia will be a better place to live.. LOVE U MALAYSIA

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