YEAH truthful scan ... a week had passed by.. a really great week.. know why i am saying like that>>??

ye lah minggu ni ialah secara officialnye minggu selepas exam.. so time cenggini lah cikgu akan bagi markah untuk subjek2 during exam haritu..

so ade good news and also bad new.. you wanna hear which one first?? mane2 pom boleh lah.. bende dah termaktub nak ubah macam mane kan??

so cenggini cite die./. yang bad news nye.. saye still dapat GL for Addmath.. GL tu maknenye Gajah Liar... (takkanlah)... yup you right.. its not the truth..

so the truth is.. GL tu maksudnye adik kakak.. ialah.. Gagal Lulus.. its mean failed but have a possibility to pass..

ok lah enough with bad news.. let move on something good.. this story is not a sad story la.. the fairy do come in.. here.. the golden dust is appear.. shing shing shing.. flowing in the air..

"wahai Qi Diey.. dont be sad, you will have a good result in your learning... , she then swing up her wand and  a slip appear on my hand.. its stated that i managed to got 6 A's is this Trial SPM.. wohoo.. but its still can be improved..

i was really thankful.. ye la.. without HIS permission this thing is not gonna happen.. Alhamdulillah...

subjek yang dapat A ialah... jeng jeng jeng.. tada... mendahului senarai... Bahasa Melayu (A-), Bahasa Inggeris (A), Bahasa Peranchis( tipu je), hehe sorry I'll try to be more serious.. next is Pendidikan Agama Islam (A), Sejarah (A), Mathematics (A), and also Biology(A)... heheh

yang laen dapat seekor Cacing+ for Chenmistry and seekor Badak+ for Physics.. hurm.. I promised that I'll work harder to make it better... you are the witness...

ok la.. i think thats all my luahan hati pengarang jiwa luahan rasa gubahan sempurna daripada saya untuk masa ini.. anyway thanks for reading... muahh .. love u all.. babai..bye..


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