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Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Experience Working at KFC


Ive been resting for almost 3 months and Allah just answer my prayer which is He gave me a job..

everybody know ive been looking for job at a lot of places but none of then call me back..

but only one give me a chance to work at their place .. Kentucky Fried Chicken Kubang Kerian.. a place which i spent almost 4 times a week during my Form 5 .... hahaha teruk gile

so sebenarnya saye keje contract untuk hari raya je.. because KFC need extra employee every single raya coz nak bagi cuti raya kat staff sedia ade.. huhuhu

walaupun kejap je.. ( 8 hari je) but i get to know a lot of new things and meet great peoples in KFC..

buat burger.. colonel.. zinger.. cheesy zinger.. you name it.. hahaha sume i boleh buat.. hahaha Senang je [pon...

but theres a thing that i cant stand... Marinating the hot and spicy chicken... hurm... memang pedih bin perih... you will feel you hand burning for almost 3 hours... huhuhu sedihhh...

ape ape pon.. saya memang enjoy keje kat sini because i can always smile and accept anything people ask me to do ... and do my job perfectly.. hahaha

Love the moment of kicking the falling from tray chicken under the table.. hahaha

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