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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Makan kat Seoul Garden


yup hari ni actually my friends ajak nak main bowling kat KB MALL

so pergi lah dengan harapan boleh la main bowling.. dah lame tak main bowling.. last sekali main ngan dak dak UiTM hari tu... ingat agi kawan saye jatuh terduduk time baling bola..

so pergi terus ke tempat bowling sesudah penat berpusing mencari parking.. Bowling plak penuh sebab a company had a tournament... so memang takde rezeki..

then we decided to find something to fill up our stomach.. literally i dont touch any food before going there sebab kawan saye janji nak makan kat Seoul Garden.. so memang sengaja lah berlapar nanti takut kenyang plak kan time makan kat SG..

but die cakap die tanak makan kat SG.. i was really frustrated at first but when we look for dinner.. none of us could give a better idea to eat at what restaurant..

Lastly by two third majority vote.. we agreed to eat at Seoul Garden.. it was my second time being there and what i could say is its never going to be as good as the first time..

Makan tadi pon walau bersendawa but still rase something is missing.. rase cam level of puas hati tu only around 70%.. ntah la kenape..

but it was really great pleasure to spend time with our best friends.

ni first time makan kat Seoul Garden

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