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Monday, 1 April 2013

Fall In LOve with Ya Hanana


I fall in love with this zikru again and again.. Its really nice...

Thuharadinul muayyad bizuhuri nabi Ahmad Ya hanana bi muhammad zalika fadlu minallah

Lets feed our ears with more thing that wil save us during the Jugdement Day 

sebelum ni saya dengar zikir ni kat HAFLAH ILMU Kota Bharu and.. I fall in love with it..

my mother really love it.. she listen it on Malam Cinta Rasul on OASIS if i not mistaken.. then she ask me to listen to this zikr..

and now im downloading it for my mother.. hopes she will likes this.. heheheInsyaAllah

rather than listening to song thats will make you burn hardly in hell better listen to this.. 

I found Peace in it...





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