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Monday, 29 July 2013

MUET Esokk???


MUET.. what on Earth is that?? it is acronym for Malaysian University English Test..

every single makhluk on Earth who pursues high level of education such as University, Pre-University and lot more have to sit for this test..

Why I am meraban about this??

the answer that is prescribed by the unfamiliar question is.. Sebab Esok Saye Hade TEST lahh...


its the pre-test for the great upcoming test.. hehe ..

so i have to revise la tonight about the format, improves my techniques and many more...

Why Am I Updating this Holy Boly Bloggy Creapy BLOG??

huhu bukan ape.. kesian tengok BLOG saye yang tercalar kredibiliti nye skitt.. after entry yang mencerminkan keburukan akhlak saye..

 HUHU about the skipping class lahh.. hhehehe...

so esok.. huhu we gonna rock the paper sheet.. hehe MAY ALLAH makes everything easy for me and all my friend.. AMINNN>>>> INSYAALLAH..

Hari ni ade TEST subjek computer tdi.. hurm.. what can I say.. I revise so briefly and I found it hard to be finished.. Finally without any doubt.. I left a question with % marks allocated for it.. which ask about WHAT THE H*LL IS SECOND STORAGE...

hehehe.... Hope MIZZ ATI yang cantik lagi menawan tu bagi marks yang HAWESOME lahh untuk CSC134..

we dun actually use this book.. we use even more FANCY book.. hehe..

Thats all chiaoo..


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