Spread Goodness In OUR Life

Assamualaikum peeps..

a very nice morning in here UiTM Shah Alam.. How About You??

Alhamdulillah All Praises to God Because We still can breathe air this morning.. can we Imagine how if we suddenly died on our bed.. Without opportunities to ask forgiveness from ALLAH and repent from our sins.. dont get the chances to ask forgiveness from peoples around us with all of our wrongdoing and so many more..

And biggest thing is.. If we suddenly died without chance to see those who we loves most.. MOTHER.. FATHER.. SIBLINGS and Beloved FAMILY members.. and last but not least.. Our Beloved friends..

Rasulullah Peace Be Upon Him already taught every single Muslims in His Hadith which tell us that We recommended to PRAY Sunnat Taubah.. praying to ask forgiveness from Allah to forgive all of our sins and also recite Surah Al Mulk with As-Sajdah before we go to sleep..

Surah Al Mulk can make our grave have space and Surah As Sajdah can make our grave have Light and prevent it from darkness..

That is actually an INTRO.. can you believe that?? haha Im so on the move now..

Yeahh according to the title as you can see.. SPREADING GOODS

Last Night after praying Teraweh.. I open Holy Quran And its Translation.. read as my wished and found something great in Surah Al Ankabuut

On the Surat at line 6 its tell that Those who fight to do goods. Is actually fighting for himself.. which mean that If we do good to others.. it actually doing good to ourself..

thinking about this matter.. I came across to a piece of words said by a beautiful once I know named Sister Syaza Soraya .. "Sebarkanlah secebis kebaikan dan kebaikan akan datang menemui kita" more or less like that lah.. Im not remember it well.. "SPREAD A PIECE OF GOODNESS AND THE GOODNESS WILL COME TO MEET US"

Like an example.. If today we ride a bus and sit on the seat provided, then a pregnant lady entering the bus and we sacrifice and give our seat to the lady.. and we will be standing.. it might be tiring but just imagine that one day.. when we grow older and has to posses a stick to help us to walk and stand.. we enter a bus.. we couldn't find a seat and suddenly a young boy gives his seat to Us.. and that boy is the one whose been carried by his mother during our early years.. Allah the Almighty God is great..  He could do anything He Want... As He Wished..

Doing good actually shown one's personality. Others might judge us by what we do and vice versa.. But remember. do good because of Allah.. we know that Allah is The Most Merciful.. And we should be mercy..

InsyaAllah The Whole World will face a great moment and this peace and harmony situation is never can be denied by a human... Because Allah has created Human with great feelings that loves peace..

I hope that Allah will give me a lot of time to do good things and finally end my life well.. as a person who manage to be forgiven by all his mistakes and wrongdoing and get a place in Jannah.. Paradise promised by ALLAH.. I hope.. A lot human will find the true meaning of life and we could be together in The Promised Place.. our Great Hometown...

ADAM AND EVE will be smiled to see us.. their offspring filling the sacred place..


Till Jannah...

Diz is the photo during Iftar with Classmates.. they are AWESOME.. Allah sent them to be with me.. living in this wonderful world..

Da gurlssszz

Da annoying and LOUD.. hehee Alya is da best Arguing mate ever..

Angels Of Mine... Both have GOLD HEART... Hawa n Fakhira

Aisyah + Amira + Wanie + Rozma..... eating KHAU... which mean Rice.. Daa.. dontcha know thatt??

arghhh too many Beautiful ladies name to be write... This Gang Is ROCK.. dats all

owhh This one is special.. You can Call Her POU.. Dugong.. or anything else..  The Cutest garl in my Class.. PONG is the NAME

LAzz but Not LEAST... My Class Representative.. HANEPPP....

yahhh Thats All for Now.. I have class to attend..


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