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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

its THURSDAY !!!

yeah today is thursday that mean its the end of the week... tomorrow is holiday...

kiteorg plan nak pegi JERAM PASU... one of Kelantan landmark.. its a water fall...

hope can enjoy it awesomely

esok jugak kene pegi umah kawan that is Shuhardy coz kakak die melenggang perut.. hahaha makan laksa katenye...

after jumaat..

semalam.. teater yang boleh tahan jugak la.. tapi saye boring during the theater was performed ... like i said before...

i go there by wearing jubah.. n all my friend was laughing at me and they say that i dont really suit with that costume coz nampak cam budak baik je.. hahaha

saye make up kening bagi tebal n it takes 30 minutes to finished it..

ade plak my friend asked me to wash it.. huh... anyway theater last night was awesome...

that is my first time watching theater...

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