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Monday, 16 April 2012


Guess what ..??

yesterday my friend Alya, Amna and I entered the Mighty Minds Challenge... it was organized by RHB Bank and also The Star newspaper..

for upper secondary category we sent 2 groups that is my group and my friend Lisa, Alif and Nik group.

for the lower secondary .. we also sent 2 group...

the first challenge is the remote used challenge... they will present the question and we have to choose the answer by clicking the remote... and the answer chose cannot be changed anymore.. this mean we have to choose the best answer...

2 group of lower secondary can not get into the next stage...

then the upper secondary turn and my friends and me manage to beat all the 71 school by sitting at the rank numbered three... from 74 groups participated... only fifteen group were chose...

another group of our school could not make it to the next stage...

from the best 15 group.. we were given a task to show how the thermostat can regulates  our body temperature and rise our hair up..

so we create a really simple model and wish that we can go to the next stage..

the captain of the group were asked to give a little explanation about the model created..

so.. among the 15 best group invention.. 5 model were selected to go to the next stage...

i dint believe that my group model were selected and get the forth place..

next challenge is we have to present ou model and everybody in the group must talk at least 1 minutes each to complete three minutes time given..

so we present it so well and a lot of people give compliment to our fluency and accent..

i was so happy with that compliment.. all of them expected that we will be the winner and grab RM 5000 and a trip to Ireland...

at the BUZZ quiz.. we couldn't make it properly... we can answered only two question..

so when the result announced we were so shocked when we got the third place and will take home RM 1000 and RM 750 to the school..

we only differs in 1 mark with the second place winner and 5 marks from the 1st place winner..

i was really hope that we were the winner and going to Ireland...

but its all about fate right.. the God fated that we get the third place... but nevermind.. we was so grateful..

we make our teacher proud of us and she can not stop smiling while drive us home..


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