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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Filling my days


I just don't know why but i certainly feel that i can't write well in English. Am I just lost it? I need to work on it because I need to re-sit for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) and possibly get Band 4. You know why? It is because Band 4 is the minimum requirement for students who wants to further their studies in Law Degree at UiTM. You already know that i wanted to be a lawyer badly and I need to plan my future.

I still can recall what activities that I've done since i left UiTM starting on the second week of holiday which is going for a jog with my friends, Hafiz and Adi. Actually i totally don't like jogging. Sometimes when I'm in mood there's nothing that could stop me but when i just lost my sport mood, yeahhh you'll push me like I am big fat elephant. Actually on that day I'm jogging for only 60% and for the rest I'm just walking like an old nanny.

After we finished jogged, my friend Adi started a story telling session which is the topic is UPNM. Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia is a University that is going to produce thousands of Army and my friend will be on of it. To be an army yeahh you cannot be weak. You need to get yourself together and barely do anything they want you to do. Its called OBEDIENT. Kindly saying, its making me feels so tired listening to all kind of 'activities' that senior students asked my friend to do.

The next day, my friends and I went to Taman Tengku Anis which is located at Kota Bharu, almost 20 kilometres from my house for the same reason. TO JOG. Still I don't have mood for it but I move my butt and get in the car because i can resist something that my friends asked me to. I'm totally grateful to have friends that remember me when they are doing something. Went there and met Amalina and also Dania. These both lovely girls are really make me happy because its been a long time that didn't see their smiles.

This is Amalina n Me

We chat a bit about each others' life and suddenly, we've planned a BBQ party at the beach called Pantai Irama Bachok. If in English, it will sounds The Rhythm Beach. It was a lovely beach where white sands awaits for human to step on it and praise the Creator. Seems like our group have expanded because this party were also joined by Eva, Nadia, and also Nurin. Unfortunately the BBQ was not really tasty because I lost my 'Secret Recipe'. I thought that maybe plankton is the one behind all this.

Then we decided to visit our beloved teachers at our beloved school SMK Kubang Kerian. Look like our teachers were pleased by our visit and one of them said that nothing could make a teacher more happy than a visit from their students. They also said that not to forget your teacher and try to say hi to them if we find them because they might not remember us. All of them prays that we, their students will have a bright future and they also advised that we shall never forget about our religion. Hold tight on the rope and you'll never be swept away by the stream.

Fortunately, a teacher named Cikgu Asma' offer us to have a lunch with her and she will treat all of us at KFC. We was really happy. Thank you very much Cikgu because treating us. May Allah give you more goodness and wealth.

My friend Adi need to go back to his University because he just have 11 days for and semester break, can you believe that? But anyway we just hope that our friendship will last forever. Forever and ever till Jannah. In shaa Allah.

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