ROBOCOP best ke??


hurm hari ni nak catatlah skit diari ye.. second time masuk Panggung Wayang kan.. hehehhee

pagi ni ade satu je kelas which is kelas Madam Bajan because kelas Dr. Anida after it was cancelled....

so Jimmy, Syafiq, Najmi and me went out to SpaceU8... huhu that is my frist timebeing there. hurm its really kinda like Bazaar and a lot of unoccupied space.

hurm we actually wanna watch Movie but its only showing ROBOCOP and other Chinese stuff.. hehe

Im not really into a futuristic movie like that so I suggest that we go to play Bowling.. but unfortunatley.. Bowling pon tutup.. nampok benor Tokey Cina je banyak kan?? thats why we need an affirmative action.. (tetibe)..

then kiteorang balik UiTM balik sebab ade Kelas madam Marina.. hurm.. but unluckily when we just arrived at our Faculty, one of our classmate sent a message saying that Class Was Cancelled..

Omaigad... that time, we were really pissed off.. but what we can do??? Saying bad thing about the matter la... (astaghfirullahalazim) macam2 lagu diproducekan regarding that particular matter..

Siap je olat Zohor we went to JUSCO Bukit Raja... tengok Movie for today.. ermm.. still i dont get what i want.. but in order to be abetter person.. we must let go something in order to gain something isnt it?? so I agreed to watch ROBOCOP..

Its totally a brilliant movie but... Hate the Intro.. Is MUSLIM a real Terrorist??? Why at the first place u invade or Country???

that's it for today.. hehehe Happy Chinese New Year to Chinese and thanks for these holidays... hehhe



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