MOOTing Experience


Alhamdulillah.. All Praises to Almighty God Allah the One and Only...

The Most Merciful Most Compassionate.. Thank You for the experience..

so 24th Jan is the Date where my team and I register for Moot Inter-Asasi Competition...


hurm anybody here knows what is moot??? naa... dont lie to me.. I dun even know if the word is really exist in the world when the first time i hear about it..

Moot is basically a session of settling dispute of client under Court of Appeal. Normally it involved a lot of Paper, (thats why it called as Bundles of Authority, if only a pieces of Paper it will with another name lah), statutes, law and lots of loophole searching.


tadaaaa... that is MOOT... it is based on my own interpretation as a person who don't even listed a qualified person in accordance to the Section 3 of the Legal Profession Act 1976 because it is stated that a qualified person is any person who have qualification or has passed all the exams leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Law. The fact that I only manage to get BAND 3 for MUET (really frustrating) make me justified to be called as unqualified person. HUHUHUHU... sadly..


enough of MUMBLING counsel (still in the nightmare mode).. hehe okay basically its started on the previous... all the intensive practise session was held during 2 o'clock in the afternoon and proceed till 6.30 pm every single day.. which mean i Have to skip.. i repeat I HAVE TO skip the class in during the period of time.. huhihuhihi.. (nampak tak care gelak bercampur baur tu?? thats show how Happy-Sad my feeling is)

We got a really brilliant Coach named Marinah Rahmat (do you guys know this beautiful and witted lady?) and also our co-coach which is Arifah.. Thankful to Allah coz granted us with these two awesome ladies as coaches. They are really strict and brilliant not to forget caring at the same time... hehhe

so during the General Ground, our group won the first place with the Marks collected exceeding 400... hehehhee that time we was like Flying to the Sky... hehhe dun wanna touch the Ground again but after the polls have been conducted.. The result is... for the Semi-Final.. APPELLANT will be submitting the case... OUCH.. Im falling to Earth like The is double Gravity... huhuhu

Truthfully and sincerely saying, our RESPONDENT is totally much better. AMIZA n AFI is totally great this is not just my bare opinion but it also Proven by the winning count. They won on two session while me (AMIN) and ANGELINA only won once... when we think we do our best and suddenly the nature was not in favour of our side.. OUCH that feeling is totally cant be digestible... huhuhu REMUK REDAM RESAH tau takk... hahhaha BIDAAH sangatttt

hurm during the Semi was on... I wrote the word KEEP CALM in a real huge font on a piece of paper and i put in the reachable region of my eyes because MOOTING basically i dun have to be so passionate and firing. U just need to make the judge understand and the word CALM is totally useful to describe what is MOOT. Thats the thing i lack of and when i remind myself to be calm with the paper, Its really works.

The Judges were really bombarding us with questions and that is the time when i lost every single thing called CALM in my self.. hehhee... Thats it..  That  describe me. I just need people to listen and agree with me.. Being in the same level of stubbornness with the judge make me realize that they are right.. they know LAW better than me.. hehhee

So we only won The BEST TEAM for General Round and my beautiful teammates named AFI won the best Counsel on General Round.. I've to admit that she is awesome..

so thats it the Gold-Coloured Experience of mine Joining a tiring and scary thing called MOOTING... It is undeniable that MOOTING is totally FUN... in fact.. im already fall in love with it...

so guys doakanlah saye Lulus MUET ye... nak sikit je. BAND 4 je.. nak bagi lebih pon ALHAMDULILLAH... kannn... hehehhee

i dun know what to do If i can't proceed with law.


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