salam all.. today is the second day of Eid for Muslims in Malaysia...

have a nice wonderful open house at my sister web located in Binjai that is currently 10 KM from my home sweet home..

there. two of my best friend attending the feast and they were prepared a nice Nasi Minyak cooked by one of the famous cook in my village..

both of them have to heard all the things came up from my brothers mouth .. n me..of course its vice versa..

then after my friends went back home.. i took the Nikon 3200 bla bla camera n shot some nice scenery at my sister's compound..

fortunately.. my sister house located at the middle of paddy field .. so the scenery was great..

i then connected the camera with tv by USB and start the slide show..

it was so nice at wonderful..

then we went back to our home n went to fresh n and do my responsibility as a Muslim ..

having a spacious moment.. i take the Broadband n start surfing the internet...

found something interesting in facebook..

my friend that become my enemy lately.. invite me to go to her open house..

it was a sign that she wanna tie a knot with me again..

so i start typing some word in the personal message asking for forgiveness...

hope she will forgive me anyway..

tomorrow.. hurm. we wanna go to the beach and having a nice sea water..

it is called Seri Nipah Resort and i have been there two times...

so i guess it will be a wonderful vacation for all of us...


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