Tajuk tu bukan batuk versi Dato' Datin ye.. itu tajuk entri ni nak cerita pasal Dough.. Dough ape??

Cuba google.. kakak saya google dough tadi keluar Play Dough..

Kalau orang Kelantan baca mesti jadi Play Doh (Main Doh)

Actually couples of days ago.. when i was watching tv with my brother.. He suddenly asked me..

"Min, mung reti wak roti pita."

I nodded because yes, I do know how to make that.

"Kalau aku set up kedai depe keda aku, mung nok jual?"

"Nok nok.."

My brother really know me well.. He knows that I'm passionate in cooking and marketing.. so he offered to give me capital and set up the stall..

Yang bestnye die cakap kedai tu depan kedai die.. (kedai Welding) Najib Iron and Steel.

He just bought the shop from it previous owner which is his ex-boss.

Alhamdulillah.. Allah murahkan rezeki baginya dan kini Allah ingin memurahkan rezeki bagi hambanya bernama Amin ini pula.. Aminnnn Ya Rabbal Alamin..

i hope this thing will totally going to be a reality because ever since i was a little boy, I'm thinking of having my own Store selling things that I love and so many more.

People who knows me surely realizes my passion. I love music, fashion and food. Yup.. but still my ambition is to be a successful lawyer.. in shaa Allah..

duk tunggu temuduga ni untuk Program LW224.. Ya ALLAH.. permudahkanlah segalanya untukku.

hurm.. apa yang nak dijual nanti??

My brother said u have to sell something western because people do buy western food on the street.

He asked me to sell Pita Bread, Tortilla Wrap, Burger and I said to him that i can do Spaghetti too..

Im really good in cooking Spaghetti.. No Doubt.. hahahaha Bongkak gile weyhh..

huhuhu My stall will be named... "QI DIEY CORNER"


Nanti jemput lah ye berkunjung ke kedai saya.. jika diizinkan tuhan...

Hurm... hari ni Alhamdulillah.. Allah give me the strength to finish my first novel, "Gadis Bernama MARYAM" and i just need some little revision before send it to publisher.

I came to my sister's house at Seribong area Pasir Tumboh because she asked me to come for almost a week already..

All praises to Allah, we managed to make something... we make DoughNut... Donat, donat.. ala donat.. takkan tak kenal kot...

so dengan adanya encik Google.. terus jumpa resepi donat gebu halus mulus .. terus buat after praying Maghrib and totally done at 9. 45 pm just now..

huhuhu.. really great.. totally happy.. its working... Syukran Ya Allah..

Sebenarnya im googling resipi for homemade dough roti pita and dough tortilla too.. and you know what?? it's really easy... Thank God..

I hope everything is going to be fine and clear..


All Praises to Allah for all this greatness ...


  1. hello! i just got an invitation by UiTM's faculty of law to interview me for lw224. so my questions are, what should i do? i mean what kind of topics will they ask? is there will be written test or something? and lastly, do i need to memorize any specific laws or regulations? btw i'm from matrix so i've zero knowledge on this course. thank you in advance, hopefully you can answer this ASAP because this interviewing session will be conducted this weekend. :D

    1. Hello.. Im sorry for this really really late reply.. By the way how was your interview.. Did you see me around on that day??.. Why dont you say hello or something.. I really we managed to pass tge interview

    2. apology accepted! i'd say hello to you but i didnt see you around. btw where was the place of ur interview? thankfully the interviewer asked me simple questions like what do u know about malaysia law n etc2..just common sense. haha

    3. tq.. it was at the bilik mesyuarat 2 at cempaka buildings at the fakulti undang2 uitm shah alam.. may i know who you are.. i mean leave your insta or fb id here.. i hope u dont remain anonymous .. hihi ;P

    4. i will meet you face2face if both of us got selected! haha i think it's okay for me to remain anon, we don't want to ruin the excitement isn't? haha good luck and happy new year


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