Closing of 2014


its been quite a time i have not written anything here. its not that ive forgot about this dearest blog but seems that i have not interest to share my world to the world because nothing is interesting happened to me.. (thats a lie)

ive been planning thousand things for the year2014 and Alhamdulillah some of them already completed and some of them still in progress.

End of 2014, i realize that i still have persons that i love around me. I still have to great people to stand together with me. I still have what i used to have.. i still a person who love to wish and achieve..

Yes, etering 2015 making every 1995 kids lose the title of Teenagers. But yes.. 20 is not a bad number.. "Age is only Numbers". nothing to worry bout that..

2015. I dreamed lots of things for this year and i really hope the One will grant me everything i want.

I want to be a better person. Yes I do..


2014 is a challenging year. No one could deny that. Lots of terrible things pop up in this year. Yet, we all know Allah is the Great Planner.

I wish i could write more but seems my head is blank.. just like a blank space waiting to be filled.

I hope i could be a law student again in the 2015 and I hope i will survive in the law school..

I hope i will see 2016 InshaaAllah and i hope Allah grant somebody to be in my life.

Yes.. Those great people. Those great friends. Those great family members, Those great new friends.. Alhamdulillah.

Hoping for a better world to live.

Still Hoping,

Because hope is a prayer.

and Allah is still listening...

Waiting for all my dreams to be granted....


Aminnnn Ya Rabbal Alamin...


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